Financial Support for Students

In order to help the students financially during their course of study, there are different types of scholarships which are given to students under certain conditions. Below is the information about the types and conditions of scholarships.

Diploma Scholarship

Diploma Scholarship is awarded to Turkish or international students who have internationally valid diplomas like International Baccalaureate (IB), MATURA, ABITUR, etc. and who want to study at İzmir University of Economics in accordance with the quota and determined diploma grade.

The diplomas that will be given scholarship in 2010-2011 academic year, their requirements, and quotas are stated below.

Diploma Name Diploma Grade Quota
IB(International Baccalaureate) 32 and above 10
ABITUR 2.00 and below 5
MATURA 2.00 and below 5

Those who graduated from an undergraduate program of a university in Turkey or abroad cannot benefit from Tuition Scholarship and Diploma Scholarship. Students who have the right to receive more than one scholarship can benefit from the one with the highest scope.

Merit Scholarship

Merit Awards are granted to students who are in the specified quota and with an average CGPA of 3.50 or more at the end of Fall and Spring semesters on condition that they take at least the normal course load of the semester they are in.  English Preparatory School students are not included in this type of scholarship.

Students who are approved to benefit from this award pay their tuition fee of the semester they are in with a discount that is determined by the Board of Trustees. Students are awarded merit awards for the duration of one academic year, but the grant’s continuity is not guaranteed. If a student fulfils the academic success conditions determined for the scholarship, the merit award may continue throughout the following years.

Merit Awards are not given to the students;

Students can get merit award in their sophomore year at the earliest according to the grades they got in the freshman year. Students who can get merit awards are determined and then presented to the Board of Trustees each year in the beginning of September. Students who are approved to benefit from this award pay their tuition fee of the semester they are in with a discount that is determined by the Board of Trustees.

Support Scholarship

It is essential that the students who have been placed without scholarship cover their tuition fees themselves. However, if there is a serious change in the financial condition of the family, very limited number of students may be given full or partial support scholarship. Support Scholarship is granted to students who studied at least 1 semester in their department and whose GPA is at least 2,25, excluding English Preparatory Program.

Support Scholarship is not continuous. The condition of the students granted Support Scholarship is reevaluated at the end of each semester. University Administrative Board decides whether the scholarship will continue or not and the state of the scholarship if it will continue. A student may be granted support scholarship in more than one academic semester if s/he is nominated and found suitable.

Termination of Scholarship

If the student fails in a course but has a CGPA above 2.00, his/her Tuition Scholarship is not terminated.