Izmir, a city dating back 8 thousand 500 years with its natural beauties and unmatched potential, is the center of culture, art, tourism, and trade for Turkey. As being one of the fastest growing metropolitans in Europe, Izmir is also highly favored by international companies with its vast investment zones and high quality industry. Izmir, which is on the investment list of world renowned companies, is the rising star of Turkey with its hi-tech bases, logistics centers, and factories. Izmir is a dynamic and exquisite city not in terms of economy only, but in social and cultural aspects as well. Hosting 32 civilizations to date, and exquisite shades of blue and green embracing the 629 km coastline, Izmir is a radiant city with more than 300 days of sunshine a year. “Izmir is the most beautiful city created on earth” as described by the famous Greek historian and author Herodotus. Izmir has so much to offer.


You are only 40 minutes away from discovering the underwater world in Izmir. You can experience the hidden world under the sea in Seferihisar, Gümüldür, Karaburun, and Çeşme.

  • You can become part of an entirely different world by visiting the Sasalı Natural Life Park, which is home to more than 100 animal species.
  • You can take a historical journey at Agora Open Air Museum.
  • You can take a walk to savor nature and quiet the mind at the quaint Village of Şirince.
  • Izmir is every surfer’s paradise. You can become a surfer in no time by combining your passion for sea and sports together.
  • You can take a walk in Balçova Therapy Forest surrounded by the exquisite nature. You can join the Trekking team and have different experiences. 
  • Izmir is beautiful from every angle, but the view from the sky tram in Balçova is spectacular. You can get on the sky tram and get a bird's-eye view of the city above thousands of meters. 
  • One of the iconic sites in Izmir is the Kültürpark (Culture Park). You can spend time at a relaxing area or attend festivals, concerts, theaters, movies at Kültürpark which has been hosting the Izmir International Fair for 88 years continuously.
  • A visit to Izmir cannot be complete without spending time at Kordon. You can lay on the grass and enjoy the sunset accompanied with a magnificent view of Izmir.
  • Night life in Izmir is lively as it is a city of festivals and entertainment. Do not be surprised if you run into world recognized artists or DJ’s in many places such as Çeşme, Karşıyaka, Bornova, and Alsancak. 
  • Izmir offers a temperate climate which makes it suitable for outdoor sports in many areas such as Alsancak, Narlıdere, Göztepe, and Bostanlı.
  • Izmir has an extensive transportation system. With an excellent network of roads, trains, buses and the subway, getting around Izmir is easy. You can travel around Izmir by bus, ferry, trolley car, and subway.
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