Izmir Chamber of Commerce (IZTO), one of the leading non-governmental organizations of Turkey, which has 80 thousand members, was founded in 1885. Izmir Chamber of Commerce, which has witnessed three centuries, has always been the symbol of innovations and changes since the Izmir Economics Congress in 1923 to which Atatürk attended personally. Izmir Chamber of Commerce, which is on a mission to develop projects that will add value to Izmir, and make the city progress in all areas, has established “Izmir Chamber of Commerce Social Welfare Foundation” in 1988 in order to leave long-lasting works in the area of education. The Foundation, which grew rapidly with the support of the benefactors in Izmir, has trained many students by opening primary schools, Izmir Chamber of Commerce Süleyman Taştekin Foundation Industrial Vocational High School, and vocational courses. In 1995, the Foundation’s name was changed to “Izmir Chamber of Commerce Health and Education Foundation”. The establishment of a foundation university, a pride Izmir had been longing for, took place in 2001.

Izmir University of Economics was established officially with 2 faculties, 5 schools, and 2 graduate schools pursuant to Law No.4633 published in Official Gazette No. 24373 and dated April 14, 2001. On July 1, 2001, it moved to its current Balçova campus with the support of Ahmet Piriştina, the Metropolitan Mayor of Izmir at the time. Starting its education journey with 288 students, Izmir University of Economics, which is the first Foundation University in the Aegean Region, has become one of the most preferred universities in Turkey and continues its development with firm steps with 8 faculties, 2 schools, 3 vocational schools and a Graduate School.

Izmir University of Economics has also been entitled to receive the ‘institutional accreditation’ given by the Higher Education Quality Council of Turkey (THEQC). The number of accredited departments at Izmir University of Economics, which is among the few higher education institutions that have successfully passed the examination in many areas such as education, research and development, social contribution, leadership and management system, has reached 14.

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