The Mission of Izmir University of Economics is to raise innovative and qualified individuals who are inquisitive, and equipped with leadership attributes, entrepreneurial capabilities, and critical thinking skills, and to contribute to science with unique researches. 



The Vision of Izmir University of Economics is to become a preeminent institution for higher education which leads the society through a high quality education and scientific researches on a universal level.


The Basic Values of the Institution

Participation; the fostering of an academic environment which is universal, flexible, pluralist, transparent and open to collaboration.
Innovation; to take part in interdisciplinary research and development activities, which are effective, creative and on the leading edge of new discoveries,
Social Responsibility; to be responsible within the community by effectively managing its social resources in the production and dissemination of universal knowledge,
Perfectionism; to focus consistently on the best possible outcome in every activity for the purpose of development of our country and city, our students getting ready for the future in the best way possible, and raising the generations needed by our country.
Izmir University of Economics
is an establishment of
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Izmir Chamber of Commerce Health and Education Foundation.
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Sakarya Street No:156
35330 Balçova - İzmir / Turkey

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