Administrative Staff

General Secretariat

Secretary General of Izmir University of Economics is the top level administrative authority affiliated to the Rector responsible for ensuring efficient, systematic, and coordinated functioning of the administrative structure.

Administrative Affairs Directorate

Administrative Affairs Directorate provides personal security, technical security, and healthy environment starting from the main gate throughout the whole campus and provides all kinds of support necessary to ease the work of Academic and Administrative units.

Corporate Communication Directorate

Corporate Communication Directorate creates strategies and tactics needed in areas of in-house communication, partner relations, public relations, media relations, generates content and promotional materials, plans and procures media, and establishes corporate communication channels in order to manage the corporate prestige of the University and improve and maintain its brand values.

Construction and Technical Services Directorate

Our directorate began its mission since the establishment of the University under the name of Project and Construction Coordinatorship initially, and continued its services under the name of Project and Construction Directorate since 2010. Due to organizational changes in January 2019, the technical staff working under the Technical and Administrative Affairs Directorate have been transferred to the "Project and Construction Directorate" and the Directorate started to continue its activities with its new name as the “Construction and Technical Services Directorate” since then. The Construction and Technical Services Directorate is in charge of following-up of, and solving all construction work and technical issues at the University.

Dormitories Directorate

Student dormitory is located on campus and accommodates 460 people. It is an 8-story building, 4 floors are allocated for female students and 4 floors are allocated for male students. All doors operate by a personal card access system. Common areas are under constant surveillance.

Directorate of Information Technologies

Izmir University of Economics started accepting undergraduate students in October 2001 and with the enthusiasm of undertaking a leading role as the first Foundation University of Izmir and the Aegean Region, the University continues its educational activities on BALCOVA CAMPUS today.

Directorate of Promotion Activities

Directorate of Promotion Activities promotes Izmir University of Economics efficiently at national and international platforms and increases publicity for the University by providing an efficient and accurate promotion of its academic programs, facilities, and values.

Financial Affairs Directorate

Financial Affairs Directorate provides financial, taxation, and accounting-related information and information on financial regulation to academicians, researchers, and administrative staff.

Health, Culture, and Sports Directorate

We believe that personal, social, athletic, and cultural values are just as much important as academic success in a student’s life. Based on this belief, Health, Culture and Sports Directorate aims to; improve social responsibility and social awareness of students, help them gain skills to ensure positive development for themselves and for the society, and create an environment that will help them become entrepreneurial, pioneering, and highly desirable individuals.

Human Resources Directorate

Human Resources Directorate administers and pursues all personnel affairs regarding part-time and full time teaching staff, administrative staff, technical and support staff in accordance with the present laws, rules and regulations, statutes and applications, and provides the staff with in-service training.

Library Directorate

Our library has been established in 2002 in parallel with the establishment of the University in order to meet the information needs of the academic personnel, students and the researchers, and to contribute to the education and research activities.

Management Information Systems Directorate

Management Information Systems Directorate has established the web administration system, which provides the administration of contents on the web pages of the academic units such as course schedules, course information, teaching staff, etc. Management Information Systems Directorate still develops and manages major projects such as Web Administration System, OASIS-Student Information System, etc., and carries out activities in order to meet the web technologies needs of our university in the best way possible.

Office of International Affairs

The Office of International Affairs (OIA) was established in 2003 in order to respond to the rapid and fast growth of Izmir University of Economics (IUE) in international academic relations; to bring both IUE and Izmir into an internationally prestigious place by collaborating with international distinguished institutions and organizations.

Procurement Directorate

The Directorate ensures procurement of all products and services, needed by the University in order to carry out its activities, within the shortest time and under favorable conditions in accordance with the provisions of Foundation Higher Education Institutions Bidding Regulation. It also ensures the storing and delivery of the procured goods to the units.

Quality and Coordination Directorate

Quality and Coordination Directorate carries out and follows up legislative procedures, oversees Bologna Coordination Commission studies, carries out and follows up board procedures (Senate, University Administrative Board), establishment of academic units, prepares and reports data regarding the University, prepares official reports, carries out procedures regarding OSYM, and quota and requirements procedures.

Student Affairs Directorate

Student Affairs Directorate carries out all kinds of educational issues of students and provides solutions to their problems.