TLC (Teaching and Learning Center)


Teaching & Learning Center

Izmir University of Economics is committed to "Excellence in Education" by creating a learning environment where students acquire knowledge and skills that encourage them to become socially responsible citizens and to have satisfying career prospects. To this end, IUE established the Teaching and Learning Center (TLC) and it provides training and support services both to students and faculty members to enhance the teaching quality at IUE.


  • promotes innovative and technological learning techniques to help our students to become lifelong learners and to challenge and inspire them to think critically.

  • promotes innovative and technological teaching methods to encourage faculty members to utilize latest technologies.

  • provides a platform of resources and expertise that extends from pedagogy and learning to video production for educational purposes.

What we do:

Here you can find all sorts of help to improve your academic career as a student and you can also find various tools. For Students ->

  Teaching and Learning Center encourages faculty members to develop and adopt creative teaching techniques and provides guidance. For Faculty Members ->

   At IUE we are committed to “excellence in education” and therefore in our classes we use several technological tools. Here you can find support and user guides for these tools. Smart Campus Support ->