TLC (Teaching and Learning Center)



Teaching & Learning Center

İzmir University of Economics, aware of the fact that teaching and learning activities are constantly going through changes, has adopted the concept of “excellence in education”. With this in mind, the Teaching and Learning Center (TLC) was established in 2015 in order to support and improve the teaching and learning activities in Izmir University of Economics.


  • aims to support active learning and teaching activities of our faculty and students with the innovative educational technologies implemented in our university,
  • helps students develop the learning and academic skills they need by providing individual support and organizing seminars,
  • assist our faculty members in planning their teaching activities by organizing seminars on new pedagogical approaches in education,
  • aims to contribute to the development of curriculum and learning environments by gathering information and data on teaching activities within the framework of excellence in education and continuous development,
  • helps to carry out academic research activities in order to improve teaching processes.

What we do:

Smart Campus Support For Students

Here you can find all sorts of help to improve your academic career as a student and you can also find various tools.

For Students
Smart Campus Support For Faculty

Teaching and Learning Center encourages faculty members to develop and adopt creative teaching techniques and provides guidance.

For Faculty
Smart Campus Support

At IUE we are committed to “excellence in education” and therefore in our classes we use several technological tools. Here you can find support and user guides for these tools.

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