Research Centers

European Union Research and Application Center

The principal aim of EURAC is to promote knowledge on the European Union in and outside Izmir University of Economics. A special focus lies on the relationship between the EU and Turkey. Research areas cover the fields of economy, politics and law. EURAC regularly organises workshops and seminars. Thus, EURAC brings together expertise, enables the exchange of ideas on EU related topics and establishes networks with national and international reserach institutions, corporations, NGOs and governmental agencies.

African Strategic Studies Research and Application Center

The aim of the Center is to plan and implement particularly research and application projects by means of scientific researches aimed at bilateral and multilateral relations of Turkey with the countries of this continent and the historical, cultural, political, economic, sociological and geopolitical structure of these relations by following the political, economic and cultural developments on the African Continent.

Teaching and Learning Center

Teaching and Learning Center is established in November 2014 with a vision to contribute to the ‘excellence in education’ strategic goal of Izmir University of Economics. TLC’s Executive Board is composed of faculty who are enthusiastic and committed to learn various dimensions of learning processes and innovative teaching techniques.

IEU-KREA Creative Economy Research Center

IEU-KREA aims to contribute to the local and national economy via an interdisciplinary approach by performing current situation and potential analysis, increasing interdisciplinary interaction, and supporting development of national and international brands in the area of innovation economy.

Gender and Womens Studies Research and Application Center

The aim/goal of the Center which was founded 14th of October in 2009, that organize activities about social gender subjects intended to education, research and communication to increase the level of consciousness in the dimension of national and international.

Center for Urban and Regional Development and Environment

IEU has several theoretical and applied research centers to conduct various projects and development studies. Of these centers, the URDE - Center for Urban and Regional Development and Environment is officially approved by the Turkish Council of the Higher Education and is a non-profit University Research Institution. The aim of the center is to promote and develop the scientific analysis and the research in the general fields of urban & regional development and the environment, to promote the scientific knowledge and practices in the policy fields of Urban & Regional Development and Environment as well as training and provide consultancy services in policy development, application, monitoring or evaluation of such projects and to investigate locally viable solutions and innovations, and to assist and strengthen the links for sustainable development and networking.

The Center for Innovative Entrepreneurship

In today`s world, knowledge is the fundamental key to success for all organizations. For creating and accumulating the necessary knowledge, basic formulas and relations are not sufficient. It is more complex than ever and recently, the importance of emotions, intuition and creativity in creating knowledge has been widely recognized. Hence, it is vitally important to do research on how successful entrepreneurship can be achieved and on the role of innovation within that process as well as sharing that research with the related community.


The aim of EKOSEM is to contribute to the development of public, private sector and international organizations by organizing a varied program of social events and courses covering all fields that research and training within the university.

Design Research and Implementation Center

Design Research and Implementation Center, EKOTAM; which is established in 2005 under the embodiment of Izmir University of Economics Faculty of Fine Arts and Design; aims to research, accumulate, create and spread knowledge and engage in applied areas in the context of design knowledge, history, theory, philosophy, ducation and implementation.

Psychology Research and Application Center

The aim of Psychology Research and Application Center at the Izmir University of Economics is to provide students in the clinical psychology master’s program a facility to apply their knowledge under supervision. Furthermore, the center will offer undergraduate/graduate students and academicians the opportunity to conduct research and receive education in the field of clinical psychology.

The Health Research and Application Center

The Health Research and Application Center (EKOSAUM), which is currently undergoing the structuring phase, aims to contribute to increasing knowledge and skills of students, training highly qualified physicians and healthcare staff, and establishing a contemporary education-training environment.