Dear Students,

We care about your dreams, your valuable skills that make you unique, and your successful career goals that you want to achieve as soon as possible, and we follow them closely.    

As Izmir University of Economics, we do not consider it sufficient to provide you with only qualified information and to provide you with a diploma.

We help you discover yourself, share your excitement, guide you to reach your goals, and create new career routes with our 22 years of experience.

Each of the 10 thousand students studying at this University is an invaluable project for us, for our country and our future.

We believe that one of the greatest legacies for the future is educated and well-equipped generations. Therefore, we see you as a very valuable treasure that we will bring to our country.

We have taken and continue to take all the necessary strategic steps to be a beacon of light on your journey to success.

We have a highly qualified academic staff with overseas experience and sectoral background. The project and innovation-oriented faculty members, whom are proficient foreign language speakers, are one of the greatest privileges this University offers you.

Of course, this is not all. The 'Smart Campus' offers an advanced technological infrastructure that is fully integrated with distance education, enabling all students and academics to use at the same time.

As a university, there are three more fundamental issues that we focus on. These are ‘contribution to science’, ‘value to people’ and ‘benefit to society’. It is very important for young people to use the knowledge they have acquired for the benefit of society and humanity. We also encourage students and support them to produce projects on this subject.

Climate change due to global warming and the rapid decrease in resources in the world impose some responsibilities on all of us for a quality life.

As a university that fulfills the requirements of the era; we consider it our duty to raise individuals who can transfer the principles of efficiency and sustainability to their daily lives, who know and care about renewable energy sources, and who have an awareness of protecting nature.

Thousands of students have benefited from the ‘Guaranteed Internship’, ‘Uninterrupted Scholarship’, ‘Global Connection’ which we have implemented with the support of the Izmir Chamber of Commerce, and ‘Three Generations Master-Apprentice’ Project,   where we bring you together with the representatives of the business world.

The success of our students, whom we have raised with the vision of ‘world citizenship’, is proof that we are on the right track.

Thousands of our graduates work in qualified companies operating in the national and international arena. I can proudly say that more than 500 of our graduates successfully represent us in more than 50 countries around the world.

I believe that you will add new ones to these success stories. By taking reason and science as a reference, by making good use of the opportunities provided by the University, you will reach your target point without compromising free and original thinking.

We are glad to have you. Welcome to Izmir University of Economics Community.

Best regards,

Prof. Dr. Yusuf Hakan ABACIOĞLU

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