Dear Youth,

Universities are higher education institutions in which education, research and applications are taught at the highest level.

We, as the idea and project developers of Turkey, must raise individuals who understand tomorrow, plan the future by predicting it correctly and make a difference with the power of wisdom all over the world.

As Izmir University of Economics; we have made all our technological moves and planning for the next 50 years accordingly, we have created our academic staff accordingly.   

We are aware that the university expectations of society and young people are changing.

“Producing entrepreneurial graduates”, “Creating centers of excellence” and “Raising people suitable for extended life” form the basis of these expectations.

All of this shows us that dreams of you, our greatest assurance in the future, match the vision of the University.

Dear Youth,

We have produced 16 thousand 200 graduates until today, we have raised very valuable people.

We open new departments and update the University in line with your demands and needs.

And we have a big goal;

That is “being a smart university”.

Being a smart university means that the university produces its own mind.

It means, finding new ways by itself, being a university that leads, not imitates.

It means being a university that changes the world, Turkey, and Izmir with its inventions, that produces ten times, hundred times more than it consumes, that develops proprietary R & D projects, that can convert its inventions to production.

Our country, our city, our families and you, the precious young people, have great expectations from us.

We realize that we need to understand the changes correctly, create a university where our youth will be happy and successful.

I think there is nothing more valuable or sacred in the world than this.

Dear Youth,

The Covid-19 epidemic, which influenced the world and affected our lives, once again showed the importance of being prepared for everything and the importance of correct strategic planning. We are in a period we have never experienced before.

As Izmir University of Economics, we got rewarded for the technology-backed teaching approach that we have adopted with the aim of “excellence in education” and the correct investments we made in our infrastructure in this period.

I proudly say that we succeeded to be an exemplary educational institution that adapted to distance education in the shortest time, ranks among the top in satisfaction researches and implements a flawless system used by about 11 thousand people every day.

We will continue our path without giving up the understanding of university, which is walking in the light of science, pioneering innovations and shedding light on free ideas.

Welcome to Izmir University of Economics Community.

Best regards.

Prof. Dr. Murat AŞKAR
Rector of Izmir University of Economics

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