Aim, Scope and Base


Article 1-(1) (Change SD-27.11.2019-376-A/12) This regulation sets the structure, duties, and working principles of the Disability Support Unit founded under the auspices of the Rectorate in order to take measures to provide students with disabilities at İzmir University of Economics to continue their academic studies in equal conditions with other students.



Article 2-(1) (Change SD-27.11.2019-376-A/12) (Change:SD-10/01/2011-164-A/13) This regulation covers the activities of the Disability Support Unit of İzmir University of Economics.




Article 3-(1) (Change SD-27.11.2019-376-A/12)  This regulation has been prepared in accordance with the articles 11 and 12 of the Regulation for the Counseling and Coordination of the Disabled in Higher Education Institutions.




Article 4- (1) (Changed: SD-22.11.2016 – A/5) (Add: SD-10/01/2011-164-A/13) Student with disability mentioned in these principles refers to higher education student who has difficulties in adopting the social life and meeting their daily needs due to losing their physical, mental, psychological, emotional, and social abilities to various extents because of inborn or acquired reasons, and who needs protection, care, rehabilitation, counseling, and support services.



Structuring, Working Principles and Duties of Disability Support Unit


Disability Support Unit Structuring

Article 5-(1) (Changed with article no:SD-10/01/2011-164-A/13) İzmir University of Economics Disability Support Unit is made up of the Director of the Director of the Student and Corporate Activities, Director of Student Affairs Office, Commission for Students with Disabilities, Officer for Disability Support Unit and personnel assigned in line with the requirements under the responsibility of The Vice-Rector appointed by the Rector. The equipment and material needs of the unit is met by the University.


(2) (Changed:SD-10/01/2011-164-A/13)  Vice-Rector in charge of Disability Support Unit: Coordinates and supervises the works done in İzmir University of Economics Disability Support Unit.


(3) (Change SD-27.11.2019-376-A/12) (Changed:SD-10/01/2011-164-A/13)Commission for Students with Disabilities is the commission composed of Director of Health, Culture, and Sports, Disability Support Unit Supervisor, Director of Student Affairs, and academicians assigned by the University Senate, under the presidency of the Vice-Rector in charge. The term of office for the members of the commission is three years. The members can be reassigned once their terms of office are completed. Commission for Students with Disabilities convenes at least once in each semester, and as much as, when necessary. Commission for Students with Disabilities has the authority and responsibility to evaluate the condition of the students, to determine the measures to be taken, and to apply these measures in the scope specified with this Regulation.


(4) Officer for Disability Support Unit: A personnel assigned by the Rector among the academic or administrative personnel of İzmir University of Economics in order to plan and implement the works in parallel with the duties of Disability Support Unit. The Officer for Disability Support Unit is responsible from performing the tasks specified in this Regulation.



Disability Support Unit Working Principles

Article 6 (Changed: SD-22.11.2016 – A/5) (Article no Changed:SD-10/01/2011-164-A/13)

1) Students with disabilities are identified as below and the information is shared with the Commission for Students with Disabilities.

a) The student declares his/her disability during final registration to the University,

b) The student refers to Disability Support Unit directly or upon seeing the expression “If you need support for a specific course due to your disability, please refer to Disability Support Unit” in the instruction plans in the University ECTS Catalogue.


2) The evaluation of the needs of a student with disability is carried out as below;

a) (Changed: SD-10/01/2011-164-A/13) Commission for Students with Disabilities meets at the beginning of each semester to discuss the needs of the students who declare their disability and determines the possibilities and supportive educational applications that may be provided.


 b) (Change SD-27.11.2019-376-A/12) Disability Support Unit informs all the instructors of the courses the student enrolled to in the respective semester by sending them the Disability Support Unit Adjustment Form via text messaging or IUE Student Information System. The information regarding the disabilities of the student is available to all the respective instructors on IUE Student Information System for the respective semester.


c) The instructor is required to abide by the explanations about the courses and examinations specified in the “Disability Support Unit Adjustment Form".


ç) All the information about the student with disability, who applies to Disability Support Unit, is shared only with his/her instructors in the respective semester upon the approval of the student. This information is also shared with the Directorate of Student Affairs, School of Foreign Languages, Faculty Secretaries, and personnel in charge of the exam in order for necessary adjustments to be made regarding exams and classrooms.


The Duties of Disability Support Unit

Article 7-(1) (Article no changed:SD-10/01/2011-164-A/13) The duties of the İzmir University of Economics Disability Support Unit are as follows:


a. (Change SD-27.11.2019-376-A/12) To meet the needs of the disabled students enrolled in the programs of İzmir University of Economics that might occur during their education, to determine the obstacles they might encounter and the measures to be taken, to offer solutions and make necessary arrangements to remove these obstacles in coordination with the other units within the University.


b. In order for the disabled university students to carry on their education in a way that will not hinder their academic, physical, psychological and social lives, Disability Support Unit provides the arrangement of the physical settings on campus for the needs of the students with disabilities, supplies equipment for the disabled people, takes decisions about the preparation of special course materials and preparation of education, research and accommodation environments suitable for the disabled.


c. To define the concepts of disability and disabled to the academicians, to prepare documents containing the inconveniences caused by disability and to make necessary arrangements, to increase the awareness, to give counseling service and to organize in-service trainings when needed.


ç. To organize seminars, conferences, and similar events on these subjects and develop projects.


d. (Changed :SD-10/01/2011-164-A/13)  To prepare and implement the work schedule of the Disability Support Unit, to prepare annual budget proposal and annual activity report and submit to the İzmir University of Economics Rector.


e. To build a website on the topics that fall into the area of responsibility of Disabled Support Unit which includes publications, documents and information for the concerned, which enables disabled university students to express their problems and demands and which also enables communication with other related units.


f. (Change SD-27.11.2019-376-A/12) To supervise the implementation of the decisions taken and strategies determined.


g. To work for supplying free educational equipment for the disabled students who are experiencing financial difficulties.


ğ. (Deleted SD-27.11.2019-376-A/12)


h. To take necessary precautions and make arrangements about the differences of the disabled student in the examinations in terms of time, place, material, attendant and inherent differences on an equal basis with other students and without ignoring the equal opportunity policy.


ı. (Deleted SD-27.11.2019-376-A/12)


i. To prepare informative books about employment opportunities and professions and to make these books accessible for the students with disabilities.


j. (Added: SD-10/01/2011-164-A/13) To keep the records of the disabled students who are enrolled to the programs of İzmir University of Economics.


k. (Added:SD-10/01/2011-164-A/13) To present opinions and make suggestions to the senior management in order to provide the buildings and open areas at the University campus to be accessible for the students with disabilities.


Exceptive Courses

Article 8-(1) (Article no changed: SD-10/01/2011-164-A/13)  When any circumstances are not covered by any judgments of this regulation, the rules of the related bylaws and regulations are used.




Effectiveness and Implementation



Article 9-(1) (Change SD-27.11.2019-376-A/12) (Article No changed: SD-10/01/2011-164-A/13) This regulation takes effect on the date of the approval by İzmir University of Economics Senate.




Article 10-(1) (Change SD-27.11.2019-376-A/12) (Article no changed: SD-10/01/2011-164-A/13)  This regulation is executed by İzmir University of Economics Rector.


This regulation takes effect upon the decision of the Senate dated 07.01.2010 and numbered 146-A/6.




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