Article 1 –(1) (Change: SD-10/04/2008–113/A-05/BTD-06/05/2008-40/7)
 The purpose of this directive is to improve the theoretical knowledge of the students studying at Izmir University of Economics with application and to identify the principles and rules that will be applied in the internships with the purpose of developing their skills. 


Article 2- (1) (Change: SD-10/04/2008–113/A-05/BTD-06/05/2008-40/7)
 These regulations cover the principles of national and international internships for undergraduate and Vocational School students.


Duration of Internship
Article 3-(1) (Change: SD-10/04/2008–113/A-05/BTD-06/05/2008-40/7)

The internship period of the Undergraduate, Vocational School students, and the conditions about the internship are determined by the Senate upon the proposal of the related faculty and school. 


(2) (Change: SD-10/01/2011–164/A-14/BTD-01/02/2011-05/15) Students who are absent in 10% of their internship periods, without an official excuse will be regarded as non-attended. Official holidays are not counted within the internship period. 


Internship Committee and Its Duties
Article 4-(1) (Change: SD-10/04/2008–113/A-05/BTD-06/05/2008-40/7)
 An Internship Committee is established to execute internship procedures within each faculty and School. This Committee consists of at least three academicians one of whom is assigned as the president (lecturer or instructor) by the related Dean of Faculty or the Director of the School. 


(2) (Added: SD-10/01/2011–164/A-14/BTD-01/02/2011-05/15) The duties of the Internship Committee are stated below.

a)     (Added: SD-10/01/2011–164/A-14/BTD-01/02/2011-05/15) Examines the information like the “starting and ending date of the internship, internship place” of the student that applies with an “Internship Acceptance Form” and decides about the appropriateness of the internship place and dates.

b)     (Added: SD-10/01/2011–164/A-14/BTD-01/02/2011-05/15) Makes an audit by contacting workplaces in order to decide about the quality and appropriateness of the internship.  

c)     (Added: SD-10/01/2011–164/A-14/BTD-01/02/2011-05/15)  Evaluates the demands of the students that apply with a petition to cancel their internship.

d)     (Added: SD-10/01/2011–164/A-14/BTD-01/02/2011-05/15) Accepts the internship reports of the students at the end of the internship and evaluates their internships. 


Internship Positions
Article 5-(1) (Change: SD-10/04/2008–113/A-05/BTD-06/05/2008-40/7) 
Students are supposed to complete their internships in the institutions that are determined and announced by the Internship Committee. The appropriateness of the institution becomes definite with the approval of the related Internship Committee. 


Internship Abroad
Article 6- (1)
Students are also allowed to complete their internships abroad provided that this does not impede their regular educational programs. Documents about the internship abroad are evaluated and approved by the related Internship Committee.


(2) (Added: SD-10/01/2011–164/A-14/BTD-01/02/2011-05/15) In internships performed abroad, the health, travel, etc. insurance fees of the students are covered by the student himself/herself. 


Implementation of Internship Programs
Article 7-(1) (Change: SD-11/10/2016–293-A/4/BTD-01/11/2016-24)  (Change: SD-10/01/2011–164/A-14/BTD-01/02/2011-05/15) 
Students have to perform their internships, excluding the internships that have to be performed during the academic year due to the nature of the education in their departments, during summer period and/or semester break when education ceases. The Internship Committee may allow students to perform their internship requirements at other periods provided that they do not impede their regular educational programs.


Article 8-(1) (Change: SD-11/10/2016–293-A/4/BTD-01/11/2016-24)   (Change: SD- 30/04/2009–133/A-13/ BTD- 08/06/2009–54/10) (Change: SD-10/01/2011–164/A-14/BTD-01/02/2011-05/15) Each student has to have their “Internship Acceptance Form” signed by the institution that s/he will perform his/her internship, have it approved by the related Internship Committee and submit it to the Career Guidance Center with other required documents no later than two weeks before the internship begins.


(2) (Change: SD-10/01/2011–164/A-14/BTD-01/02/2011-05/15) By submitting to the Internship Committee, the application date for the internships that should be completed in the academic year because of the type of the education in a department is announced by the related Department Internship Committee. 


(3) If needed, each department may limit the qualities of the internship institutions in accordance with the type of education in their own department.


(Cancelled 4th Item: SD-10/01/2011–164/A-14/BTD-01/02/2011-05/15)


Article 9-(1) (Change: SD-10/04/2008–113/A-05/BTD-06/05/2008-40/7)

Related faculty/school prepare the content of their internship and the way it will be executed in accordance with the type of each faculty/school/department’s education and these are published in the Internship Booklet that is finalized with the approval of the Senate. Internship Booklets are published in the web site of the related faculty/school/department. 


(2) Each student has to prepare and submit internship reports for each internship before the deadline. Internship Report is prepared in English in accordance with the content and writing rules stated in the Internship Booklet of the related department/program. A summary in Turkish will be submitted to the institution if demanded. 


(3) (Change: SD-10/01/2011–164/A-14/BTD-01/02/2011-05/15) At the end of the internship, students must have their reports checked, have each paper of the report signed and sealed, and have their “Internship Evaluation Form” filled in by their internship supervisors in the institution. 


Cancellation or Date Changes of the Internships that are registered to the Social Insurance

Article 10-(1) (Added: SD-10/01/2011–164/A-14/BTD-01/02/2011-05/15)
The internships that are registered to the Social Insurance can only be cancelled under following circumstances. 

a) Documenting a health problem that requires the cancellation of the internship with a report.

b) Documenting that the scope of business of the institution where internship is performed is not related with the program that the student is being educated and having it approved by the Internship Committee. 


(2) The internship cancellation demand must be submitted to the related Internship Committee and the documents regarding the cancellation of the internship must be attached to the petition.      


Article 11-(1) (Change: SD-11/10/2016–293-A/4/BTD-01/11/2016-24)   (Changed with the Article Number: SD-10/01/2011–164/A-14/BTD-01/02/2011-05/15) The Internship Evaluation Form has to be either mailed to the Career Guidance Center by the institution, where the student performed his/her internship, or returned in a sealed and stamped envelope.


Article 12-(1) (Change: SD-11/10/2016–293-A/4/BTD-01/11/2016-24)   (Change: SD-10/04/2008–113/A-05/BTD-06/05/2008-40/7) (Article Number Changed: SD-10/01/2011–164/A-14/BTD-01/02/2011-05/15)
Internship reports, written in the medium of instruction of the department/program, must be submitted to the related Internship Committee within 7 days following the end of the internship period.


(2) (Change : SD-17/05/2011-172-A22) The students who have only "Internship" left for their graduation are required to complete the procedures for the submission and evaluation of their internship report until the week prior to the beginning of the next semester. In completion of these procedures, the student is obliged to pay the tuition fee of the following semester. 


Evaluation of the Internship
Article 13-(1) (Change: SD-11/10/2016–293-A/4/BTD-01/11/2016-24)   (Change: SD-10/04/2008–113/A-05/BTD-06/05/2008-40/7) (Article Number Changed: SD-10/01/2011–164/A-14/BTD-01/02/2011-05/15)

(Change: SD-10/01/2011–164/A-14/BTD-01/02/2011-05/15) Internship documents are examined and evaluated by the related Internship Committee until the beginning of the courses of the next semester. If needed, the commission may ask student to demonstrate his/her knowledge, rewrite the report and/or have an interview with the student about his/her internship.


(2) The evaluation is made over 100 and the results are conveyed to Student Affairs Office by the faculty deanship/school directorship. Student who gets at least 60 points at the end of the evaluation will be successful in internship. Evaluation results are indicated in the transcripts of the students by the Student Affairs Office as satisfactory (S) or unsatisfactory (U). 


(3)(Change: SD-10/01/2011–164/A-14/BTD-01/02/2011-05/15) Internship grades may be taken into consideration in the evaluation of certain courses if accepted by the related faculty. The internship grades that are taken into consideration while evaluating the success of the other courses are given over 100. 


(4) In the event of failure, internship programs must be repeated in the same conditions. 


(5) Add: SD-26/05/2017–312-A/4)The Internship Committee decides whether the internships performed by students in associate programs are counted for undergraduate program internships after they transfer to undergraduate programs via vertical transfer program.  

Article 14-(1) (Article Number Changed: SD-10/01/2011–164/A-14/BTD-01/02/2011-05/15) Students must comply with the rules and principles of the institution wherein they perform their internships. These students in training must comply with the safety rules and regulations of the firms they are working in. They also have to use the institution’s equipment, machines and tools carefully. If a student does not comply with these obligations, s/he has to assume the responsibility. 


(2) (Change: SD-10/04/2008–113/A-05/BTD-06/05/2008-40/7) Interns are themselves responsible for any damage they cause in the work place.


(3) Furthermore, the Higher Education Institutions Student Disciplinary Regulations are effective during the internship periods.


Other Issues
Article 15- (1)(Change: SD-10/04/2008–113/A-05/BTD-06/05/2008-40/7) (Article Number Changed: SD-10/01/2011–164/A-14/BTD-01/02/2011-05/15)
 In order for students to graduate, they have to complete their internship successfully within the maximum education period stated in the Higher Education Law 2547. A student who has not completed his/her required internship cannot graduate even if s/he takes all the courses required in his/her program and become successful.  


Article 16-(1)  (Article Number Changed: SD-10/01/2011–164/A-14/BTD-01/02/2011-05/15)
(Change: SD-10/04/2008–113/A-05/BTD-06/05/2008-40/7) The Izmir University of Economics does not make any payments to students who are performing their internship. Any agreement and/or financial relations between the student and the institution are not binding for the IUE in any wise. 


(2) (Added: SD-10/01/2011–164/A-14/BTD-01/02/2011-05/15) The internship insurances of the students that make internships related to their education are made by the University by paying the “Occupational Accident and Occupational Disease” premium in the scope of the Law numbered 5510. 


Article 17-(1) (Change: SD-10/04/2008–113/A-05/BTD-06/05/2008-40/7) (Changed with the Article Number: SD-10/01/2011–164/A-14/BTD-01/02/2011-05/15) 

Öğrenciler tarafından teslim edilen tüm staj raporları, üniversite tarafından belirlenen süreler içinde muhafaza edilir.  Bu sürenin sonunda usulüne uygun şekilde imha edilir.


(2) All the internship reports submitted by the students are kept until a specific period determined by the University. They are duly destroyed at the end of this period. 


Article 18-(1) (Change: SD-10/04/2008–113/A-05/BTD-06/05/2008-40/7) (Article Number Changed: SD-10/01/2011–164/A-14/BTD-01/02/2011-05/15)The University Senate is responsible for any other issues related to internships but which are not present in these regulations. 


Article 19-(1) (Article Number Changed: SD-10/01/2011–164/A-14/BTD-01/02/2011-05/15)
This directive is executed by the Rector.


Article 20-(1) (Article Number Changed: SD-10/01/2011–164/A-14/BTD-01/02/2011-05/15)
This directive takes effect on the date of the approval by the Board of Trustees.


This regulation takes effect upon the decision of the Senate dated 22.04.2003 and numbered 22/15 and the decision of the Board of Trustees dated 05/05/2003 and numbered 26-B/8.




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