Article 1-(1) The purpose of this regulation is to set out the general rules and principles regarding the Distance Education graduate degree programs conducted by graduate schools affiliated with Izmir University of Economics.

Article 2-(1) This regulation has been prepared in accordance with  "Procedures And Principles For Distance Education in Higher Education Institutions" issued by Higher Education Council and IUE Regulation For Graduate Degree Education.
Article 3-(1) This regulation includes general rules and principles regarding Distance Education programs conducted by graduate schools affiliated with Izmir University of Economics.

Student Admissions and Final Registration Procedures
Article 4-(1) Student Admissions to Distance Education Graduate Degree Programs and Final Registration Procedures are conducted based on the provisions of the University’s Regulation for Graduate Degree Education.   

Education Periods
Article 5- (1) Education periods for distance education programs are determined based on clause (c) of Article 44 of Law No. 2547.

Instruction Programs
Article 6-(1) (Change: SD 06.09.2017 320/5-BTD03.10.2017 35) Distance Education Non-Thesis Graduate Degree programs are composed of 60 ECTS credits which include a non-credited semester project and at least ten courses which are not less than total of 30 IUE/local credits. Semester project does not have any IUE/local credits and it is evaluated as successful or non-successful.

(2) Courses in distance education programs are delivered via online technologies simultaneously. Off-line technologies such as books, radio, television, sound and image discs (CD/DVD), etc. may also be used in delivering the courses. The instruction may be supported by face-to-face courses and applications.

Registration Renewal and Course Enrolments
Article 7- (1) Registration renewal procedures take place by making the necessary payments at the beginning of each semester within the period announced in the academic calendar.

(2) In order to renew registration, students, who are registered in Distance Education Non-Thesis Graduate Degree program, need to enrol to at least half the number of total credits of the courses required for the respective semester.

(3) The students who did not complete their registrations during registration period, can complete registrations in the first two weeks to the courses offered only if their excuses are accepted. During this period, they cannot drop the course(s) they have registered before. In this period, which is named course add period, the students have to make their course registrations personally by taking the approval of their advisors.

(4) The period, in which the students did not renew registration, will be deducted from their maximum period of education specified in the respective regulation.

Article 8-(1) For a distance education program student to take a final exam, he/she needs to have at least 70% online attendance for that course. He/she also needs to attend any activities that may take place in a class environment on campus. Attending such activities will be taken into consideration in determining the attendance.

(2) Courses, which require activities in a class environment on campus, are determined by the Graduate School Board upon the recommendation of the respective department, and they are announced on Syllabus section on the University’s ECTS catalogue.

Testing and Assessment
Article 9- (1) Testing and assessment regarding the courses in distance education programs is done face-to-face or online with or without a proctor.

(2) Testing and assessment may include using assessment methods such as attendance/participation, assignments, projects, written and oral exams, etc.

(3) Procedures, regarding the courses in distance education program curriculum, are announced before the selection period for newly enrolled students.

Article 10- (1) The number of mid-term exams, assignments, applications, and other studies the students are responsible for; admission requirements for final exam; and contribution of any kind of exams, assignments, and studies to the end of semester grade are announced on Syllabus section on the University’s ECTS catalogue.

(2) At least one mid-term exam and one final exam are administered each semester for each course.

(3) Students, who fail to meet the attendance requirement, cannot take the final exam.

(4) Finals and make-ups are administered at Izmir University of Economics on the dates specified on the academic calendar under the supervision of a proctor.

(5) If necessary, finals and make-ups may be administered at other cities, where there is sufficient number of students, on a week day or a weekend, under the supervision of a proctor.
Grading and Grades
Article 11- (1) Student’s participation in the coursec, assignments and discussions, knowledge acquired, and final exam grades are taken into consideration in determining the grade for a course at the end of a semester. The lecturer of the respective course evaluates during semester and end of semester testing and assessment criteria together to come up with an end of semester grade.
(2) Unproctored testing and assessment activities cannot have more than 20% effect on general success in distance education.

(3) The grade for a course taken in distance education programs is calculated by taking 80% of final exam grade and 20% of unproctored testing and assessment criteria.

Article 12-(1) For a student to be successful in a course, the student needs to score at least CC in a credit course, and S or P in a non-credit course.

Article 13 – (1) For a student to be able to graduate from distance education graduate degree programs, the student has to have a CGPA of at least 3.00, and meet the requirements specified below:
a) To complete a minimum of 120 ECTS credits in graduate degree programs with thesis, and succeed in all the courses offered by the program, and succeed in seminar course and thesis exam.

b) (Change: SD 06.09.2017 320/5-BTD03.10.2017 35) To complete a minimum of 60 ECTS credits in non-thesis graduate degree programs, succeed in all the courses offered by the program and in semester project course.

Article 14-(1) Course materials, assignments, exam documents and results, and notifications regarding conducting courses/exams, and announcements by the University are carried out online through electronic-mails and electronic forums due to the nature of the distance education.

(2) These notifications will be sent to students via distance education system, or to e-mail addresses issued to students by the University or to e-mail addresses submitted to the University by the students.   Students will be considered notified through such notifications and announcements delivered online.

(3) Students, who has a different address and e-mail address other than the one they submitted to the University during registration, and did not inform the University about any change of address, or submitted wrong or missing information, will be considered notified in the event that the notification is mailed to the existing address in the records kept at the University.

Non Provisional Circumstances
Article 15 – (1) Provisions of IUE Regulation For Graduate Degree Education and "Procedures And Principles For Distance Education in Higher Education Institutions", issued by Higher Education Council, will be taken into account should non provisional cases occur in this regulation.

Tuition Fees
Article 16- (1) Tuition fees, to be paid by the students registered in distance education graduate degree programs, are determined by the Board of Trustees each academic year upon the proposal of the University Senate. Registration will not be renewed in the event of failure to pay the fees.

(2) The tuition fee for distance education programs include online course materials, electronic course notes, advisory services, preparing and updating the operating program, administrative, academic, and other services.

Article 17-(1) This Regulation takes effect on the date of its approval by the Senate of Izmir University of Economics.

Article 18-(1) The Rector of Izmir University of Economics enforces the provisions of this Regulation.

This regulation takes effect upon the decision of the Senate dated 14.11.2013 and numbered 217-A9 and the decision of the Board of Trustees dated 10.12.2013 and numbered 39/16.




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