Purpose, Scope, Basis and Definitions

Article 1 - The purpose of this bylaw is to set out the general rules and principles regarding the aims, activities, administrative organs and their duties of Izmir University of Economics Gender and Women’s Studies Research and Application Center.

Article 2 - This bylaw includes provisions regarding the aims, activities, administrative organs and their duties of Izmir University of Economics Gender and Women’s Studies Research and Application Center.

Article 3 - This bylaw has been established in accordance with paragraph (d), sub paragraph (2) of clause one of Article 7, and Article 14 of Higher Education Law No. 2547 dated 4/11/1981.

Article 4 - The references in this bylaw are as follows;
a) Center: Izmir University of Economics Gender and Women’s Studies Research and Application Center,
b) Director: Director of the Center,
c) Rector: Rector of Izmir University of Economics,
ç) University: Izmir University of Economics,
d) Administrative Board: Administrative Board of the Center,
e) Advisory Board: Advisory Board of the Center.

Aims and Activities of the Center
Aims of the Center
Article 5 – Aims of the center are: to conduct researches and carry out educational activities about the problems of women in Turkey and abroad; conduct scientific researches and carry out cultural projects about the gender problems of the women living in Turkey and abroad in the fields of education, culture, politics, business/economics, law and health and to administer their implementation, do national and international academic studies and applications supporting women to take part in society as an efficient and productive individuals who contribute to life in all fields-social, political, legal, economics on micro and macro level without being exposed to sex discrimination, and to support education programs aimed at gender and problems of women.

Activities of the Center
Article 6 - Activities of the center are as follows;
a) Publishing research reports, articles and books,
b) Making cooperation with similar institutions abroad, and encouraging student and academician exchanges,
c) Taking part in joint research projects by following the funds for supporting these subjects of the national and international institutions, following and applying gender studies in global standards,
ç) Creating a section at the University library about gender and women's studies and to establishing an archive on this subject,
d) Organizing conferences and seminars,
e) Preparing case studies,
f) Developing joint projects and providing consultancy services on related topics by cooperating with public or private sector institutions and organizations; organizing seminars, conferences, congresses, symposiums, panels and all kinds of scientific meetings on the cooperated subjects to educate the personnel of the public or private sector institutions and organizations at every level,
g) Conducting researches that enable the women and girls to complete their compulsory education programs, and supporting projects aimed at increasing education and accommodation opportunities of the girls,
ğ) Conducting and supporting studies for the contribution of women and girls in production and employment; developing projects intended for business world and especially for the small-scale enterprises and family-owned businesses that socio-economically support women entrepreneurship, and conducting researches that aim to develop business administration education, organizing business ideas and business plan competitions that promote women entrepreneurship,
h) Developing projects and working jointly with the student clubs established within the University in order to give support to the students to implement their creative ideas,
ı) Developing projects and improvement studies for the women to benefit from civic services in the most appropriate and highest level,
i) Conducting researches about the analysis and solution of the female-specific health problems, supporting projects and studies intended for women to benefit from the health and social security services at best,
j) Developing projects and studies aimed at the education of the public about the rights of women and girls, preventing women and girls from being exposed to violence, and protecting those who are exposed to violence,
k) Supporting the projects that try to find solutions for socio-economic problems and the problems caused by immigration and poverty,
l) Cooperating with agencies and institutes about problems of women,
m) Preparing course contents for master’s and doctoral programs about related subjects, helping master’s and doctoral students with their education, providing opportunity for the applied studies that will contribute to such social problems.

Administrative Organs of the Center and Their Duties

Administrative Organs of the Center
Article 7 - The Center consists of the following organs:
a) Director
b) Administrative Board
c) Advisory Board

Director of the Center and his/her Duties
Article 8 – (1) Director of the Center is assigned by the Rector among the lecturers for a period of two years. Two people among the lecturers are assigned as Vice-Director for two years by the Rector upon the proposal of the Director of the Center. When the Director of the Center is absent, one of the Vice-Directors substitute for him/her. Period of substitution cannot exceed six months.
(2) The Director of the Center is at the same time the head of the Administrative Board. The Director can be re-assigned at the end of the three-year term.
(3) The duties of the Director are calling Administrative Board to a meeting, implementing the work program and the decisions taken by the Administrative Board, supervising the activities, directing the Center in accordance with its aims, preparing the annual activity report of the Center and submitting it to the Administrative Board.

Administrative Board and its Duties
Article 9 - (1) Administrative Board of the Center is made up of five people, four of whom are lecturers of the University assigned by the Rector, and the Director of the Center. The term of office, for Administrative Board members, is two years. The members whose assignment period expire may be reassigned. New members may be assigned to conclude the period of the members who leave before their assignments expire.
(2) Administrative Board gathers at least once a month upon the invitation of the Director of the Center and they revise the activities of the Center and take decisions about the related subjects. Administrative Board gathers with absolute majority and majority of votes takes the decisions.
(3) Administrative Board ascertains the bases regarding the arrangement of the activity report that the Director of the Center will prepare at the end of each activity period, evaluates the presented report, discusses and adjudicates the working program of the next period.
Advisory Board and Its Duties
Article 10 - (1) (Changed sentence: OG-2/4/2018-30379) Advisory Board is made up of people who are experts in their fields upon the recommendation of the Rector and the approval of the Board of Trustees in order to guide the activities of the Center and evaluate them. The term of office, for Advisory Board members, is one year. Advisory Board convenes once a year upon the invitation of the Director on a date to be specified by the Director. Administrative Board does not gather with absolute majority.

 (2) The duties of the Advisory Board are contributing to the studies of the Center with its views and suggestions, and contributing to the support and implementation of the research projects in line with the activities of the Center.

Final Provisions

Article 11 - This Bylaw takes effect on the date it is published.

Article 12 - The Rector of the Izmir University of Economics enforces the provisions of this Bylaw.

This bylaw takes effect on the date of its publication on the Official Gazette dated 14 October 2009 and numbered 27376.



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