Article 1-
The aim of this regulation is to set out the procedures and principles about the expenses of the personnel at the Izmir University of Economics in their international and domestic business trips.
Article 2-
The terms stipulated in this article,

Business Travel: A trip taken to fulfill a duty and/or task,


Academic Travel: Trips taken to participate in any scientific activity organized in Turkey or abroad in the scope of Travel and Travel Advance Payments Regulation.

Travel Payment: The payments made to cover the expenditures of the personnel related to their duties in business and academic travels.


Article 3-
This regulation covers the personnel who fall into among the travel payment groups stated below.
Travel Permission
Article 4-
The personnel that will travel for duty may take the trip by having their travel duty form approved in accordance with the related regulation.


The personnel who do not have an assignment approval cannot take the trip, no allowance is paid to him/her, and their travel expenditures will not be covered.


Means of Transportation
Article 5-
Means of transport are determined depending on the urgency and duty requirements. Economic class ticket is bought for domestic and foreign trips.


Payments Related to the Travels and the Limits
Article 6-
Daily travel payments applied in domestic or foreign travels and the hotel limits are determined by the Board of Trustees for each year according to the allowance groups.


In the realization of the travel payment, maximum 1 day more is taken into consideration in accordance with the academic meeting day or the duration of the duty and the distance covered.


The expenditures of the travelling personnel related to the travel are covered by the University within the determined limits.


Travel Allowance Groups
Article 7-
Travel payments are applied according to the groups stated below.



President and Members of Board of Trustees


Vice Rectors

Secretary General

Deputy to the Secretary General.


1st Group

Consultants to the Board of Trustees

Consultants to the Vice-Rectors

Academic and Administrative Unit Managers

Other Lecturers and Instructors

Other Administrative Personnel


2nd Group

(Added : 03.04.2012/20 BTD) In case of more than one person going on a same business trip, everyone in the group will be entitled to have the the same amount of per diem allowance issued for the person included in the top allowance category.

Travel Expenses
Article 8-
Accommodation expenses, intercity travel expenses, communication expenses, inner-city transportation expenses in the city s/he is on duty, guest hosting and similar representation expenses are covered by the University depending on the documents prepared in the name of the University on condition that they do not exceed the limits.


Advance payment may be paid to the personnel whose assignment became definite.


The advance payments given for the travel are paid off in 7 business days following the end of the travel. The visa fees may be accepted as an expense.

Article 9-
This directive takes effect on the date of the approval by the Board of Trustees.


Article 10-
This directive is executed by the Rector.






INTERNATIONAL EXPENDITURE LIMITS (Including the Hotel) (Change: 03.04.2012/20 BTD)





For 2011 and 2012

1st Group Countries

Japan, USA, Kuwait, Australia, Switzerland  and European Union Countries

1st Group


2nd Group


2nd Group Countries

Other Countries

1st Group


2nd Group






DOMESTIC EXPENDITURE LIMITS (Including the Hotel)(Change: 03.04.2012/20 BTD)



For 2010 and 2011

1st Group

150 TL / day

2nd Group

100  TL / day






This regukation takes effectupon the decision of the Senate dated 21/10/2010 and numbered 160-A/8 and the decsiion of the Board of Trustees dated 07/12/2010 and numbered 01/13.



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