Article 1- The Purpose of this directive is to implement the measures necessary to preserve the psychical and psychological well-being of the students of the IUE, to offer consultancy services.


Article 2- This covers all preparatory, vocational, undergraduate and graduate students at the Izmir University of Economics.

Medical Need Requests:

Article 3- When Students face physical and psychological problems (except for emergency conditions), they should first consult the university’s health and consultancy center, and then medical institutions designated by the university.

Students, who visit the University health and consultancy center or the medical institutions designated by the university, are examined and transferred to other hospitals if necessary.

Article 4- In case of emergencies, and on vacation days, students can apply to state health institutions within Izmir.

Hospitals outside Izmir:
Article 5- During spring breaks and summer holidays, students can apply to nearby state hospitals in other towns if the students are outside the Izmir city limits. During the academic year, students must have permission from the university beforehand in order for their medical reports to be acknowledged.

Report Validity:
Article 6- Reports prepared by the health and counseling center, or the doctors of medical institutions designated by the university, and those obtained from hospitals concerning regulations, article 4 and 5, are valid.


Reports are valid from the date they are submitted. Students submit their medical reports to the Rectorate at the latest within 3 days after they expire. Otherwise, the reports will be considered invalid. Reports obtained from private doctors and institutions won’t be accepted by the university.


Reports obtained from private doctors and institutions won’t be accepted by the university.


Medical Reports Procedures:
Article 7- A copy of the reports submitted in accordance with the conditions stated above will be sent to the Head of Department/ Director of Higher Education.

The procedures for valid reports are as follows:

a) (Cancelled: SD-11/07/2003-24/A-17-BTD-04/08/2003-30-B/8)


b) (Cancelled: SD-11/07/2003-24/A-17-BTD-04/08/2003-30-B/8)


c) Students who have medical reports within the semester will be considered absent. In case a student with a medical report does not take the final exams, (I) grade regulations will be applied. For this, it is compulsory that the student has the right to take the exam of the related course.

d) Students who have medical report exceeding 5 weeks within a semester are granted a leave for that semester.

e) A semester leave that lasts 1-4 semesters is possible for students who have an acceptable long-term medical report from the Medical Board.

Medical expenditures:
Article 8- If students have health coverage, their health expenses are paid by that institution; if not then students have to pay.


Getting views on granting reports:
Article 9- The Rectorate may consult health authorities if the medical reports are not clear, if the duration is unknown and if the reports have been prepared later.

Article 10- This directive takes effect on the date of the approval by the Board of Trustees of the Izmir University of Economics.

Article 11- This directive is executed by the Rector of the Izmir University of Economics.






This regulation takes effect upon the decision of the Executive Board dated 28/08/2001 and numbered 19/B-8.





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