Purpose and Scope, Basis, Definitions 


Purpose and Scope

ARTICLE 1- (1) The purpose of this regulation is to set out the principles regarding the establishment, functioning, activities and supervision of student clubs that include social, cultural, artistic, scientific and sportive activities affiliated to Izmir University of Economics Health, Culture and Sports Directorate.



ARTICLE 3- (1) This regulation has been prepared based on Article 47 of Higher Education Law No 2547.



ARTICLE 4- (1) The references in this regulation are as follows:

a) IUE: Izmir University of Economics,

b) Relevant Advisor to the Rector: Advisor to the Rector responsible for student activities,

c) Club Advisor: Academic or administrative staff of Izmir University of Economics who contribute to the club with their knowledge, interest and experience,

ç) Club Minute Book: The book delivered to the student clubs by SKS and containing the General Assembly decisions, Administrative Board decisions, income-expense record and inventory records that are required to be kept by the student clubs.

d) Club Logo: Logo with the full name of the University and club,

e) Student Club: Student clubs, communities of Izmir University of Economics,

e) Rectorate: Rectorate of Izmir University of Economics,

f) SKS: Health, Culture and Sports Directorate of Izmir University of Economics.



Governing Bodies, Club Advisor and Club Documents


Governing Bodies

ARTICLE 5- (1) The bodies of the clubs are as follows:

a) General Assembly,

b) Administrative Board

c) Supervisory Board

(2) Additional bodies can be established by specifying them in the club charter.


General Board

ARTICLE 6- (1) General Assembly of the student club consists of the members of the relevant club.

(2) After receiving approval for establishment, the club holds its first general assembly meeting and elects the administrative board at this meeting.

(3) The General Assembly holds its ordinary meetings, at least twice each academic year on the dates determined by the Administrative Board, with participation of the club advisor.

(4) The date and agenda of the meeting is notified in writing to the members, advisor and SKS at least 15 (fifteen) days before.  

(5) Attendance is recorded in the minutes of the general assembly meeting. (ANNEX-6 General Assembly Attendance Report)

(6) Decisions taken at the general assembly meeting are written in the club minute book and submitted to the administrative board for signature.

(7) Decisions are taken by the absolute majority of the members attending the meeting. In case of equal votes, the chair's vote determines the result.

(8) At the end of the spring semester of each academic year, the General Assembly meets and elects the chair, administrative board and supervisory board for the next academic year.

(9) Changes in the chair, administrative board, supervisory board, consultant, logo and club charter are decided by the absolute majority of the General Assembly Meeting. In case of equality in the election of the chair, the result is determined by casting lots.

(10) In order to hold an extraordinary general assembly meeting, an application is made to the administrative board with a petition signed by at least half of the General Assembly members. Following the application, an extraordinary general assembly meeting is called by the administrative board, with the place and time specified at least one week before the meeting date. Decisions taken at the extraordinary general assembly meeting are recorded in the club minute book.

(11) If deemed necessary by SKS, clubs may be requested to hold an extraordinary general assembly.


Executive Board

ARTICLE 7- (1) The Administrative Board is the executive body of the club.

(2) The Administrative Board consists of at least 5 (five) and at most 9 (nine) members elected by the General Assembly, and its term of office is 1 (one) year.

(3) The elections for the Administrative Board are carried out at the general assembly by the election committee of 3 (three) people determined by the club advisor among the members. The election committee forms the candidate lists in line with the nomination applications for the election of the administrative board.  Prepares the ballots. Completes the election of the administrative board according to the closed vote open count procedure. The results are recorded in the minutes.

(4) The Administrative Board elects a chair, vice-chair, treasurer and clerk at the first meeting after the election. In the absence of the chair, the vice-chair shall deputize.

(5) The Chair of the Administrative Board is obliged to report the activities and external communications of the clubs to SKS and obtain its approval.

(6) The Administrative Board may form working groups for the activities of clubs.

(7) The Administrative Board may be dismissed by the decision of the absolute majority of the total number of club members at the General Assembly or Extraordinary General Assembly meeting.

(8) The club president cannot serve as a member of the administrative board or supervisory board of other clubs.

(9) The Administrative Board shall prepare minutes of each meeting and write the decisions taken in the club book.

(10) The chair of the Administrative Board is obliged to keep the club book and submit it when requested by SKS.

(11) At least one board member must be present at the club's events.


Supervisory Board

ARTICLE 8- (1) The Supervisory Board is the internal audit body of the club. It consists of 3 (three) people, a chair and two members. Members of the Administrative Board cannot take part in the Supervisory Board.

(2) The Supervisory Board checks the club book, decisions regarding club activities and whether the purchased fixtures and fittings are recorded by notifying SKS. It reports to SKS regarding the issues it detects.


Club Advisor

ARTICLE 9- (1) Each club must have an IUE administrative or academic staff member as an advisor.

(2) Club advisors are notified to SKS during the club establishment application. If necessary, the change of advisor is made using the form in Annex-2.

(3) The club advisor reviews the club's activity requests and gives the approval to start the process.

(4) The club advisor attends the general assembly meetings as an observer.



Club Documents

ARTICLE 10- (1) The club book and all documents related to the activities carried out by the clubs are kept by the club president and delivered to SKS upon request.

(2) The items in the club book are listed below.

a) Minutes of decisions: Minutes of the decisions taken by the general assembly and the administrative board.

b) Fixtures records: Contains a record of the club's fixtures and fittings.

c) Club accounts: Includes accounting records showing income and expenditure status.

ç) Current Club Administrative and Supervisory Board lists (ANNEX-5): After the board elections held at the end of the spring semester of each academic year, the current club president and board lists must be submitted to SKS until the last day of the spring semester. If there are changes regarding positions in the administrative board during the academic year, the lists must be updated and resubmitted. It is essential that all changes are recorded in the club book.

(3) The activities of the student club that does not keep the club book and records they are obliged to keep, keeps them incompletely, includes false information and documents in the club book and records, does not submit the books and documents they are obliged to keep to their advisor and SKS upon request, are suspended by the Rectorate Office and the club is closed.


Principles and Guidelines of Student Clubs’ Establishment and Activities


Principles and Guidelines of Establishment

ARTICLE 11- (1) Applications to establish a club are made within the first four weeks of the start of classes in each academic year. Applications made after the specified period will not be taken into account.

(2) The documents required to establish a club are as follows:

a) Student Club Establishment Proposal and Founding Member Notification (Annex -1),

b) Advisor Admission Form (Annex -2),

c) Club Charter in Turkish and English (Annex -3),

ç) Vector Turkish and English Club Logo Draft with a resolution of at least 1920x1080 pixels,

d) Club Activity Plan and Budget (Annex - 4),

(3) To become a founding member of student clubs, it is required to have renewed registration at IUE in the fall semester of the relevant academic year.

(4) In order for student clubs to be established, an application must be made with at least 20 (twenty) founding members.

(5) Clubs must have names appropriate to their founding purposes and fields of activity and carry out activities in accordance with their names. Clubs with similar fields of endeavor and objectives cannot be established.

(6) Pursuant to Article 54 of the Higher Education Law No. 2547, students who have received disciplinary penalties cannot assume the position of club president.

(7) All application documents that must be filled out for the establishment of a club are sent to SKS with the wet signature of the club advisor.

(8) Establishment applications are evaluated by SKS.

(9) After the applications are approved by the Rectorate, the club may start its activities.


Principles and Guidelines of Student Club Activities

ARTICLE 12- (1) Student clubs must comply with the relevant legislation and decisions in all their activities.

(2) Student Clubs must operate in accordance with IUE's vision, mission and policies.

(3) Clubs are obliged to ensure that all students interested in the club and its activities benefit from the opportunities equally and regularly, during the activities they organize and all operational processes (establishment, membership, etc.). Discrimination cannot be made based on religion, language, race, ethnicity, nationality, gender and similar reasons.

(4) It is essential for clubs to engage in activities within their scope of work. If there are activities that go beyond their field of activity, they can cooperate with relevant clubs. All clubs can carry out activities that qualify as social responsibility projects without the need for cooperation.

(5) Club members cannot derive financial gain from club activities on their own behalf.

(6) Clubs must meet the following conditions to continue their existence:

a) To carry out a total of at least 2 (two) events, at least one event in the fall semester and at least one event in the spring semester, in accordance with the establishment purposes.

b) To have held at least 2 (two) board meetings in each academic year.

c) To have at least 20 (twenty) members registered to the club.

ç) At least one person from the administrative board, representing the club, must attend the meetings to which they are invited by IUE.

(7) Clubs are required to submit their club book to SKS at the end of each academic year.

(8) For each event they will organize on or off campus, clubs fill out the “Student Clubs Event Request Form” (Annex-7) and apply to SKS with the approval of the advisor at least 15 (fifteen) days before the event. During the application, all details regarding the event (location, time, announcement, budget, speaker name, subject, etc.) are stated completely.

(9) Events without approval from SKS cannot be held or announced.

(10) Student clubs of the University cannot share posts contrary to IUE's vision, mission, policies and principles on their social media accounts.

(11) Student clubs can receive in-kind or cash sponsorship support to carry out their activities, in accordance with the permission of the Rectorate. A “Sponsorship Agreement” (ANNEX-8) must be made with the sponsor company/person and the sponsorship conditions must be fully included in the agreement.

(12) All purchases for club events are handled by SKS.

(13) Persons such as instructors, trainers, etc. in clubs, can start working in clubs after the permission of the Rectorate. A training or coaching certificate is required for those who will take part.

(14) Changes to the club charter, club name and logo must be decided at the club's general assembly, and an application must be made to the SKS with a petition containing the decision text, the approval of the advisor, relevant information and visuals. Changes come into force after receiving the approval of the Rectorate.

(15) All people participating in the trips organized are required to sign a “Letter of Undertaking for Trip” (ANNEX-9).

(16) At the end of each event, an “Event Satisfaction Survey” is applied to the participants by the club organizing the event (ANNEX-10).

(17) After the event, the “Event Outcome Report” (ANNEX-11) must be delivered to SKS together with evidence documents and visuals within 10 (ten) business days.

(18) The application authority for all matters related to club activities is SKS.



Membership, Resignation and Expulsion from Student Clubs



ARTICLE 13- (1) Students, who renew their registration at IUE in the fall semester of the relevant academic year, can become club members. A student can be a member of more than one club.

(2) Students, who wish to become a member of a club, are obliged to provide the information requested by the club they wish to apply to. The club keeps this information.

(3) Students can apply for membership to clubs throughout the academic year.

(4) Membership applications are reviewed and rejected or accepted by the club presidents. Reasons must be given for rejected applications. 

(5) Clubs may change the application and acceptance process in accordance with the criteria specified in their club charter.

(6) Member information is protected on the basis of confidentiality within the scope of the “Personal Data Protection Law” (KVKK).

(7) Memberships of the members automatically expire at the end of each academic year. The rights of the chair and board members are reserved.



Resignation from membership

ARTICLE 14- (1) Members, who wish to voluntarily terminate their membership, have the right to leave the club at any time by applying to the club administrative board.


Expulsion from membership

ARTICLE 15- (1) The dismissal of those, who disturb the peace within the club, exhibit behaviors contrary to the aims of the club, and those who want to use the club for their personal interests, is carried out by the decision of the general assembly of the club upon the proposal of the club administrative board.

(2) Within the framework of the issues specified in the club charter, members who do not attend the activities and meetings of the club at least three times without showing a valid excuse may be terminated by the decision of the club administrative board.

(3) Those whose membership is terminated, are notified by the club administration regarding the reasons for termination of membership.



Financial Principles, Termination and Closure


Financial Principles

ARTICLE 16-(1) The budgets of the clubs are determined by IUE.

(2) In addition to the budgets of the clubs, club revenues consist of sponsorship revenues obtained by the clubs through their own initiatives and participation fees received from the participants for the events they organize against the invoices issued by IUE.

(3) After all documents related to the income and expenses of the clubs are entered into the club book by the treasurer, they are delivered to SKS to be kept at the Rectorate.

(4) Sponsorship revenues include the amount specified in the sponsorship agreement signed between one of the clubs and an institution or organization and Value Added Tax (VAT). It is deposited by the relevant institution or organization to the account designated by IUE. Sponsorship revenues are used only by the relevant club.



ARTICLE 17- (1) The club president may apply to SKS at the end of the fall and spring semesters of each academic year with the decision of the general assembly for club closure procedures.



ARTICLE 18-(1) Clubs that act contrary to the issues specified in this regulation will be closed by the decision of the Rectorate.

(2) All documents and assets of terminated or closed clubs are delivered to SKS by the club president.



Final Provisions

 Repealed Regulation

ARTICLE 19- (1) “Izmir University of Economics Student Clubs Regulation”, which entered into force with the decision of the Senate dated 12/11/2001 and numbered 01/7 and the decision of the Board of Trustees dated 27.11.2001 and numbered 10/15, has been repealed.



ARTICLE 20-(1) These procedures and principles may be changed by the decision of the Senate.



ARTICLE 21-(1) This regulation takes effect on the date accepted by the Board of Trustees of Izmir University of Economics.



ARTICLE 22-(1) The Rector of the Izmir University of Economics enforces the provisions of this Regulation.





"Student Clubs Regulation", which came into force with the Senate decision dated 12.11.2001 and numbered 01/7, and the Board of Trustees decision numbered 10/15 dated 27.11.2001, was abolished and this directive was entered into force with the Senate decision dated 03.04.2024 and numbered 527-2024/07, and the Board of Trustees dated 26.04.2024 and numbered 88.







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