Article 1 – (1) The purpose of these guidelines is to regulate the establishment, duties, powers and working principles of the Exam Coordination Council, which was established throughout the University to carry out intra-semester and end-of-semester exams in a certain order and discipline by using the physical and manpower resources of the University effectively.


Formation of the Council

Article 2-(1) (Change: S 18.05.2022-468-C/2) The Council consists of a faculty member appointed by the Rector, the Director of Student Affairs and the Course and Exam Programming Supervisor for a period of two years.


Majority Decision

Article 3 – (1) The Exam Coordination Council takes its decisions unanimously, or if unanimity is not achieved, by majority vote.



Article 4- (1) The Exam Coordination Council takes all necessary precautions to ensure that intra-semester and end-of-semester exams are held in order, discipline and in a manner befitting the reputation of the University.

(2) The Council;

a) Allocates sufficient classrooms and proctors, for intra-semester exams that must be held in more than one classroom, upon the request of the faculty member in charge of the course.

b) Determines the courses to be tested, announces the exam days and hours, and allocates sufficient classrooms and proctors for the end-of-semester exams.

c) Determines the coordinators and their assistants who will work full time during the end-of-semester.

d)  Notifies each faculty member whose course will be tested about the end-of-semester exam days and hours, the classrooms where the exam will be held, and the proctors who will work in these classrooms.

e) May warn students who behave contrary to the student disciplinary regulations during exams, verbally or in writing, depending on the degree of violation, or, if deemed necessary, may request administrative and/or legal action against the student from the Faculty, School or Graduate School Directorate to which the student is affiliated.

f) May warn the officials who act contrary to the relevant Personnel Disciplinary Regulations during the exams, verbally or in writing, depending on the degree of violation, or, if deemed necessary, may request the University Rectorate to take administrative and/or legal action against these officials.

g) Prepares and submits a General Evaluation Report regarding the exam period to the Rectorate, within one week following the end of the end-of-semester exams.



Article 5- (1) The Exam Coordination Council may assign duties to academic and administrative personnel at all levels to ensure that the exams are conducted in an efficient and safe manner. It may request administrative units to take any precautions required by the exams.


Amendments (Additional Article: S 18.05.2022-468-C/2)

Article 5A-(1) These guidelines can be changed by the decision of the Senate.



Article 6-(1) These guidelines take effect on the date they are approved by the Senate of Izmir University of Economics.



Article 7 – (1) The Rector of Izmir University of Economics enforces these guidelines.

These guidelines have taken effect with Senate Decision dated 21.04.2011 and numbered 171-A6.




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