Article 1 –(1)  (Change: SD-14/07/2010-154/A-12-BTD-03/08/2010-68/10) The purpose of the minor program is to enable successful students in undergraduate degree programs to receive education in other fields in which they are also interested.

Article 2 - (1) (Change: SD-14/07/2010-154/A-12-BTD-03/08/2010-68/10)  The Major Program is the name given to the departmental program in which the student has been placed according to the Student Selection and Placement Exam. The Minor Program is a certificate program, consisting of courses that students attend for the purpose of getting information in a different field. The minor program does not mean a separate undergraduate degree program.

Article 3- (1) (Change: SD-14/07/2010-154/A-12-BTD-03/08/2010-68/10) This regulation has been prepared in accordance and Regulations for Transfers, Double Major and Minor Programs Between the Programs on Associate Degree and Undergraduate Degree Levels in Higher Education Institutions and Credit Transfer Between the Institutions.

The Implementation of the Minor Program
Article 4- (1) (Change SD 28.04.2016-274/A4-BTD 03.05.2016-18) (Change: SD-14/07/2010-154/A-12-BTD-03/08/2010-68/10) The quota of the Minor Program is designated by the University Senate upon the proposal of the respective academic units.

(2) (Change SD 28.04.2016-274/A4-BTD 03.05.2016-18) The Minor Program consists of at least 30 ECTS credits for undergraduate degree students.

Application and Admission Conditions
Article 5-(1) The applications and admissions conditions for the Minor Program are as follows:

a) (Change: SD-14/07/2010-154/A-12-BTD-03/08/2010-68/10) Applications for the Minor Program can be completed in the 3rd term of the first major, at the earliest, or during the 6th term at the latest.

b) (Change SD 28.04.2016-274/A4-BTD 03.05.2016-18) The application quotas and terms are announced by the Faculties/Schools before the application dates, and applications are taken on the dates specified in the academic calendar.

c) (Change SD 28.06.2017/315-11-BTD 04/07/2017-32) (Change SD 28.04.2016-274/A4-BTD 03.05.2016-18) (Change: SD-14/07/2010-154/A-12-BTD-03/08/2010-68/10) To be eligible for a Minor Program, a student has to take and successfully pass courses with at least 50 ECTS at the end of freshman year, with at least 110 ECTS at the end of sophomore year, and with at least 140 ECTS at the end of fall semester of junior year; and obtain a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.50 over 4.00.

d) (Change SD-14/07/2010-154/A-12-BTD-03/08/2010-68/10) Applications are evaluated by the related administrative boards of that program.

e) (Add SD 28.04.2016-274/A4-BTD 03.05.2016-18) The annual number of new students to be admitted to Double Major and Minor programs is determined by the Senate upon the recommendation of Faculty/School boards on the condition that the quota of double major programs (excluding law, medicine, and health programs) cannot be less than 20% of the quota of the programs.

f) (Add SD 28.04.2016-274/A4-BTD 03.05.2016-18) In determining the total quota for departments/programs to do minor at, quotas can be determined on the basis of Faculty/School upon the recommendation of respective boards. In the event of Faculty/School quota not being filled in the respective year/semester, the available quota can be filled with students from other Faculties/Schools based on success rating.

Article 6-(1) (Change: SD-14/07/2010-154/A-12-BTD-03/08/2010-68/10) Applications accepted to the Minor Program are finalized after being discussed in the related Faculty / School Administrative Board / University Administrative Board.

(2) Students who gain the right to register in a Minor Program must comply within the dates announced.

(3) Registrations can be accepted for more than one Minor Program at the same time with a second major diploma.

(4) (Deleted SD 28.04.2016-274/A4-BTD 03.05.2016-18)

Implementation of the Program
Article 7 (1)
a) (Change SD 28.04.2016-274/A4-BTD 03.05.2016-18) The Minor Programs are carried out by the respective department.

b) (Change: SD-14/07/2010-154/A-12-BTD-03/08/2010-68/10) The related Head of Department / School Director appoints a “Minor Program Coordinator” to assist students to choose the courses they take in the Minor Program and to plan the semesters in which these courses will be taken. The Minor Program Coordinator guides the students by communicating with the Major Program advisor.

c) (Change SD 28.04.2016-274/A4-BTD 03.05.2016-18) (Change: SD-14/07/2010-154/A-12-BTD-03/08/2010-68/10)  The courses to be taken in Minor Program are determined by the respective department. They are approved by the University Senate upon the proposal of the respective faculty board.

d) (Change: SD-14/07/2010-154/A-12-BTD-03/08/2010-68/10)  Students, who are accepted to Minor Program must take and pass the courses determined by the decision of the senate. The approval of the Minor Program Coordinator is required for courses the students take. Students may take more courses than the foreseen credits within the Minor Program. Students are obliged to be successful in the extra courses that they take.

e) (Deleted SD 28.04.2016-274/A4-BTD 03.05.2016-18)

f) (Change SD 26.05.2017-312/A12-BTD 06.06.2017-31)  (Added SD 28.04.2016-274/A4-BTD 03.05.2016-18) The course load the student is required to take during a semester is specified in Article 18 of IUE Regulation for Associate and Undergraduate Degree Education and Examinations.

Success and Graduation
Article 8 (1) (Change: SD-14/07/2010-154/A-12-BTD-03/08/2010-68/10) The success and graduation conditions in the Minor Program are as follows:

a) Minor Programs continue within the normal legal periods required to graduate from major programs and are implemented according to the rules and regulations applied to the major program.

b) The success and graduation of a student from his/her major program is not affected by his/her performance in the Minor Program under any circumstances. Separate transcripts are issued for both programs.

c) (Deleted SD 28.04.2016-274/A4-BTD 03.05.2016-18)

d) A student who is given leave from his major program will automatically be given the same status in her/his Minor Program. In the event that a student is prevented from taking a course because it is not offered or conflicts with another, the student can be given a one-semester leave from the minor program with the approval of the related Faculty / School Administrative Board.

e) Students, who do not take the appropriate courses for two consecutive semesters and don’t have official leave, will be dismissed from the Minor Program.

f) (Change SD 28.04.2016-274/A4-BTD 03.05.2016-18) Students, whose cumulative grade point average drops below 2.29 over 4.00 in the major program, will be dismissed from the Minor Program.

g) Courses taken in the minor program by the students who withdraw from the program and who are accepted to the Double Major Program providing that they comply with the requirements, can be accepted in the Double Major Program.

h) (Change SD 28.04.2016-274/A4-BTD 03.05.2016-18) (Change: SD: 17.08.2012-196/A-4) A student can request to withdraw from a Minor Program. Successful courses, upon the request of the student and approval of the advisor, are transferred to the major transcript without being included in the GPA, and they are marked as (NI).

ı) (Deleted SD 17.08.2012-196/A-4)

i) (Deleted SD 17.08.2012-196/A-4)

j) (Deleted SD 28.04.2016-274/A4-BTD 03.05.2016-18)

k) (Change SD 28.04.2016-274/A4-BTD 03.05.2016-18) Students, who are eligible to graduate in a major program, but have not completed the minor program, can be given an extension for two semesters the most by the decision of the respective administrative board.

l) A student with a grade point average of at least 2.00 will receive a Minor Program certificate.

m) (Deleted SD 28.04.2016-274/A4-BTD 03.05.2016-18)

n) (Add SD 03.03.2014 223/A5) On the condition that a Minor Program is available in the respective field and the admission requirements stated in the Minor Program Regulation are met, students leaving Double Major Program can transfer to Minor Program free of quota requirement. In this case, courses taken in Double Major Program, which are in Minor Program, are transferred to Minor transcript.

o) A student who withdraws from Double Major Program may receive Minor Program Certificate if s/he meets all the requirements of a minor program.

Other Provisions
Article 9- (1) Students are charged a fee for the courses in the Minor Program, which is designated by the Board of Trustees.

(2) (Change: SD-14/07/2010-154/A-12-BTD-03/08/2010-68/10)  Students in Minor Program do not pay for the MP courses that they take in normal semester in their normal education duration (4 years for undergraduate programs). Fee is charged for Minor Program courses taken in semesters other than that or in Summer School. The fees of the courses offered in Summer School are determined each year by the Board of Trustees.

Article 10 -(1) This directive takes effect on the date of approval by The Board of Trustees.

Article 11-(1) The Rector of the Izmir University of Economics implements the rules and regulations of this policy.

Provisional Article 1- (1) (Deleted SD 28.04.2016-274/A4-BTD 03.05.2016-18) (Added: SD: 17.08.2012-196/A-4)


This regulation takes effect upon the decision of the Senate dated 14.07.2010 numbered 154-A12 and Board of Trustees dated 03.08.2010 numbered 68/10.