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The ability to write well matters immensely in almost every aspect of academic life, from scribbling your ideas onto a piece of paper to writing a five-paragraph academic essay. You may not be happy with the time you spend on collecting your thoughts or trying to ensure that you end up with an error-free, interesting essay might be overwhelming, but still the ability to write a good essay in university is one that will serve you well throughout your personal and profesional life.

In most cases your writing will tell other people something about yourself. When you write resumes, motivation letters or even e-mails, your writing forms an opinion about yourself in the mind of the reader which makes writing even more important.

However, sometimes even though you try hard, the writing process may be difficult to overcome on your own. Academic Writing Unit for Students aims to coach you on improving your writing ability so that you are able to assess your strengths and weaknesses and focus on improving your writing skills. Given the chance to identify your weaknesses, with a little effort, you can become a better writer.

Izmir University of Economics Academic Writing Unit for Students offers service to all IUE undergraduate students. All IUE students who would like to receive assistance for their assignments and written work can come and receive feedback and suggestions on how to improve their writing skills. Students taking ENG101 and ENG102 courses are exempt from this service as they already receive feedback from their course instructors.

Each consultation session lasts 20 minutes. In cases where the student feels the need for further consultation, they can ask for a new appointment for the same paper.




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