International Consultants

Professor Philip Kitchen

Prof. Philip Kitchen is one of the leading professors in the field of Strategic Marketing at ESC Rennes School of Business. Prof. Kitchen was listed in the Top 50 list of gurus who have influenced the future of marketing in survey listing. His international resumé includes visiting professorships at universities in France, Malaysia, Italy, Colombia, Greece, Norway and New Zealand. He has written or co-authored 12 books, and has presented papers on marketing management or marketing communications at conferences in more than 25 countries. He is the founder and editor of the Journal of Marketing Communications, and serves on the advisory board or is a review board member for 10 academic journals ranging from Europe to the Asia-Pacific region. 

Before joining Hull University in 2001, Prof. Kitchen (BA Hons, Manchester Metropolitan University 1983; MSc, University of Manchester 1984; MBSc, University of Manchester 1987; PhD, Keele University 1993) taught in the U.K. at Queen’s University in Belfast, Strathclyde University, Keele University and Manchester Metropolitan University. Along his academic contributions, Prof. Kitchen has conducted following trainings in the sector; “European Foundation for Management Development” and “Media Training Enterprise”. He is a member of the “Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce”, an organisation committed to finding innovative practical solutions to today’s social challenges; and “Higher Education Academy”, an organisation that supports higher education institutions with strategies for the development of research and evaluation to improve the learning experience for students.


Professor Seeram Ramakrishna 

Prof. Seeram Ramakrishna is former Vice-President (Research Strategy) and a Professor of Mechanical Engineering at National University of Singapore. As a vice-president, his responsibilities include enhancing research excellence & visibility of university; building research collaborations with leading institutions around the world, and fostering synergistic partnerships with funding bodies and members of the Campus for Research Excellence and Technological Enterprise - CREATE worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Before this, he served as the Dean of NUS Faculty of Engineering during 2003-2008. He is also the founding Co-Director of NUS Nanoscience& Nanotechnology Initiative, NUSNNI since 2002. He authored 5 books and 550 ISI papers, and is among the first three most cited scientists in the field of materials science in the world. He attended more than 120 conferences worldwide as a keynote speaker. His scientific advancements contributed to new research directions and enhanced solutions in healthcare, water, energy, and environment domains, and his scientific innovations has been transferred to the industry.

Prof. Ramakrishna is also the founding board member of Asia Society for Innovation & Policy. He delivered invited lectures around the world on global trends of higher education, scientific research and innovation; his world class university system being used at National University of Singapore is a world renowned system. National University of Singapore, which was only a teaching-based institution at the beginning of 1990’s, has become the best 26th raking university worldwide today thanks to the strategies and practices developed by Prof. Ramakrishna. As a member of Ministry of Education’s working group on universities governance and autonomy, in the domain of academic excellence and global ranking of universities, Prof. Ramakrishna works on performance indicators, databases, comparison methodologies and quality assurance. His primary mission is to establish research collaborations with the leading universities worldwide, and bring best practices for global ranking of universities.