Aim and Scope

Article 1-(1)This regulation covers the principles that will be considered while accepting students to Certificate Programs offered by İzmir University of Economics and implementing the program. 


Article 2- 
(1) Certificate Program is the name given to the program offered to 3rd grade students in Major Program that is made up of at least 12-credit courses in the professions determined by the University Senate.


(2)(Change  SD 27.07.2012 195-A5) Certificate Program does not mean a separate undergraduate program. It shows that an undergraduate student gets an expertise in a specific field.


Article 3
-(1)These principles are prepared based on the 3rd article of İzmir University of Economics Academic Rules and Bylaw Concerning Undergraduate Period of Study, Examinations and Assessment.


Offering Certificate Programs

Article 4- (1) (Change SD 27.07.2012 195-A5)  The Certificate Programs will be determined by the University Senate upon the proposal of the related Faculty.Students cannot choose the certificate programs which are in the same scope of option programs within the body of the departments they are registered to.


(2) The student quota of the Certificate Programs will be determined by the Senate upon the proposal of the related Faculty each year in June and announced to the students.


(3)The Certificate Programs are offered as affiliated to the Faculties and the academic units that will be responsible from the implementation of the program will be determined. The Certificate Programs to be offered are carried out under the responsibility of the academic unit it is affiliated to.


(4)Related Dean of Faculty assigns a “Certificate Program Coordinator” for each Certificate Program among the lecturers of the related academic unit in order to coordinate the implementation of the Certificate Program.


Application and Admission Conditions

Article 5 – (1)All the students being educated in the undergraduate programs of İzmir University of Economics can apply for the Certificate Programs.


(2)(Changed: SD-07/09/2010-158-A/6)  In order for the students to apply for a Certificate Program they have to be in the 3rd grade in the Major Program and their GPA must be at least 2.00 over 4.00.


(3)(Changed: SD-26/05/2017-312-A/13)  The applications are made to the respective Faculty Dean’s Office during the dates announced.


(4)In order to evaluate the applications and determine the students that will be accepted to the program, a commission under the presidency of the Program Coordinator made up of three people is assigned by the related Dean of Faculty that carries out the Certificate Programs.


(5)While determining the students that will be accepted to the program, the GPAs of the applicants and/or the result of the interviews will be taken into consideration. The ratio of these criteria are determined by the related academic unit.


(6)The students that fall within the quota according to their success rank have the right to make final registration


Article 6-(1)(Changed: SD-26/05/2017-312-A/13)  The students accepted to the Certificate Programs are finalized by being discussed in the related Faculty Administrative Board and announced by respective Dean’s Office.


(2)(Changed: SD-26/05/2017-312-A/13)  The students accepted to the Certificate Programs register to the program during the dates announced.


Implementation of the Program

Article 7-(1)The Certificate Programs to be offered are implemented by the academic units affiliated to the related Faculty.


(2)Certificate Program Coordinators helps and mentors the students about determining the courses offered in the scope of this program and about their internship if any.


(3)The courses that will be offered in Certificate Programs will be determined by being discussed in the related Faculty Committee upon the proposal of the academic unit it is affiliated to and submitted to University Senate.


Success and Graduation

Article 8-(1)The success and graduation conditions in Certificate Programs are stated below:


a) (Changed: SD-27/07/2012-195-A/5) Certificate Program is implemented in the scope of the rules and regulations applied in the education of Major Program of the students.


b) Separate Grade Card and Transcript are issued for the students registered to the Certificate Programs. 


c) If the advisors find suitable, upon the proposal of the related department heads and the approval of the faculty dean/school director they are affiliated to, maximum 2 of the Certificate Program courses can be counted instead of the Major Program elective courses. 


d) (Changed: SD-26/05/2017-312-A/13)  The student who takes all the Certificate Program courses and completes the program with minimum GPA of 2.00 will be given the Certificate of the Program by the respective Dean’s Office.

e) (Deleted SD 27.07.2012 195-A5)

f) (Changed: SD-27/07/2012-195-A/5)  The students who started to a certificate program while continuing to an undergraduate program and successfully completed all the courses in their Major Program education, but could not complete all the courses successfully in their Certificate Program, can receive Major Program Undergraduate diploma.

g) (Changed: SD-27/07/2012-195-A/5) Students can take the Certificate Program courses even after they graduate from Major Program. They can attend the courses as guest students on the condition that they fulfil their payment requirements. Those, who complete the anticipated courses in the program this way, are awarded their Certificates. 


h) (Changed: SD-26/05/2017-312-A/13)   The course load the student is required to take during a semester is specified in Article 18 of the Regulation for Associate and Undergraduate Degree Education and Examinations.

Other Provisions

Article 9-(1)The students who are registered to a Certificate Program while continuing to a Major Program Undergraduate education will not be charged for the courses they will take for the certificate program in the normal semester (Fall and Spring). They pay for the Certificate Program courses that they take in Summer school.


Article 10-(1) (Changed: SD-27/07/2012-195-A/5)-The registration of the students will be cancelled if they withdraw from the Certificate Program.


Article 11-(1)The students who have an undergraduate diploma or who continue to an undergraduate program in another institution can be accepted to Certificate Program in visiting student status and after conducting an interview if they provide application conditions (foreign language, GPA, etc.) and if the quota is available.


(2)The students who are accepted to Certificate Programs as visiting students will pay the fee of the courses during semester course registration.


(3)The fee of the courses will not be paid back to the visiting students of the Certificate Program if they leave their enrolled courses in a semester.


Article 12
-(1)This directive takes effect on the date of approval by the Senate.


Article 13- 
(1)The Rector of the İzmir University of Economics implements the rules and regulations of this directive.




This regulation takes effect upon the decision of the Senate dated 30.01.2010.




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