ARTICLE 1-(1) The purpose of these procedures and principles is to regulate the procedures and principles regarding the execution and evaluation of the clinical practices of undergraduate students of Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, Faculty of Health Sciences, Izmir University of Economics, during their internship.



ARTICLE 2- (1)  These procedures and principles cover the activities and principles related to the internship that students in the Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation undergraduate program at Izmir University of Economics, Faculty of Health Sciences, Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation are required to perform at workplaces in Turkey and abroad. Professional or field practices related to compulsory or elective courses in the education and training plans are excluded from this scope.



ARTICLE 3- (1) These procedures and principles have been prepared in accordance with the “Higher Education Law” No: 2547, the “Regulation for Associate and Undergraduate Degree Education and Examinations” of Izmir University of Economics, Law No. 5510 on “Social Security and General Health Insurance”, and other respective legislation.

(2) In other matters not specified in these procedures and principles, the relevant provisions of the Higher Education Law No. 2547 and the decisions of the University Senate shall be applied.



ARTICLE 4 – (1) The references in these procedures and principles are as follows:

a)         University: Izmir University of Economics,

b)        Faculty: Faculty of Health Sciences,

c)         Dean: Dean of Faculty of Health Sciences,

d)        Head of Department: Head of Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

e)         Clinical Practice: Clinical / field practice in the semester and summer periods specified in the fourth, sixth, seventh and eighth semesters of the curriculum,

f)         Internship: It is an internship covering 20 working days, which is carried out in the summer months and / or during the semester holiday when the education is not carried out following the fourth and sixth semesters of the curriculum. Apart from these periods, internship may be permitted by the relevant Internship Commission, provided that it does not disrupt the education.

g)        Internship Commission: The commission formed with at least three academic members selected by the Head of the Department and approved by the Faculty Administrative Board.

h)        Internship Coordinators: Academics who follow up the students performing internship,  

i)         Internship Supervisor: Person in charge of the internship at institutions who follows up the students,

j)         Clinical Trainer: Physiotherapist who provides clinical training to students at the place of internship,

k)        Internship Notebook: The notebook prepared by the student during the internship, bearing the text and logo of Izmir University of Economics, prepared in standard form, containing the principles of internship practice, internship attendance list, intern evaluation form, case report, and a sample of which is obtained from the Internship Commission.

l)         Internship Site Evaluation Form: The form in which the student evaluates the place of internship,

m)       Intern: Student of Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation performing internship,

n)        Intern Evaluation Form: The form on which the clinical trainer/internship supervisor and the Internship Commission evaluate the student at the end of the internship.






Internship Commission

ARTICLE 5- (1) The Internship Commission consists of at least three academic members selected by the Faculty Administrative Board upon the recommendation of the Department Head. The term of office of the commission members is three years. If this period expires, members may be re-elected.


The Duties of Internship Commission

ARTICLE 6- (1) The organization, coordination, supervision, evaluation, and storage of internship information are carried out by the commission and reported to the department head. The duties of the Internship Commission are as follows:


a) Determine the principles related to internships,

b) Organize and coordinate internship activities,

c) Submit objections and exemption requests related to internship evaluations to the Faculty Administrative Board for decision-making,

ç) Ensure the execution of other processes related to internships,

d) Establish internship evaluation criteria,

e) Announce the internship application schedule to students at least one month before the internship period,

f) Monitor the internship application process,

g) Assist students in finding institutions and organizations to perform internship,

ğ) Examine and evaluate the compliance of internship documents with these procedures and principles,

h) Monitor the proper conduct of the internship in accordance with its purpose and rules, and obtain information about the student from the institution/organization where the internship is performed when necessary,

ı) Decide whether the internship was carried out in accordance with legal procedures and successfully, within the scope of the reports submitted to the Internship Commission,

i) Inform relevant units of the University in writing about the information of students who have completed their internships,

j) Carry out other processes related to internships.



The Duties and Responsibilities of the Intern

ARTICLE 7 - (1) Every student is required to complete their internship during the period and dates specified in the department's educational program. The intern;

a) Arrives prepared in relation to the theoretical and practical courses they have taken.

b) Adheres to the working schedule and disciplinary rules at the internship site during the internship period.

c) Fulfills the attitudes, behaviors, tasks, and responsibilities required by clinical trainers, internship supervisors, and internship coordinators in the internship areas promptly and in the manner requested.

ç) Demonstrates an attitude and behavior in line with professional ethics and a professional team approach in relationships with patients, their families, and institution personnel during internship practices.

d) Uses and returns equipment during internship practices without causing damage. They are responsible for covering any damage caused by their actions.     

e) Cannot leave the internship site or change the internship site without obtaining the consent and permission of the student's clinical trainer, internship coordinator, or internship site supervisor.

f) Hands over the patient/patients they are responsible for to the clinical trainer when they have to leave the internship site.

g) Informs the clinical trainer, internship coordinator, internship site supervisor and Internship Commission in the event of a workplace accident at the internship site. They ensure the completion of the "Occupational Health and Safety Accident Notification Form," contact the Career Guidance Center, and follow up on the matter.

ğ) Student internship insurance procedures must be completed before the internship begins. The necessary documents must be submitted to the course instructor three weeks before the first day of the internship. The required documents must be submitted to the University's Career Guidance Center 15 days before the first day of the internship. The required documents can be obtained from the University's Career Guidance Center website.

h) The student must be present at the internship site in the apron bearing the University logo at specified hours determined by the Department.

ı) Students who leave the internship site before the end of the internship period will be considered as not having completed their internship for that day.

i) The student provides all treatment services to individuals under the supervision of the clinical trainer/internship supervisor.

j) Each student presents the procedures, treatment evaluations, and plans they have performed for the patient/healthy individual for whom they have taken responsibility to the internship coordinator. The patient admission process is coordinated with the clinical trainer and internship coordinator.

k) Any negative issues that occur during the internship are reported to the clinical trainer, internship supervisor, and internship coordinator without delay.

l) After filling in the relevant sections of the Internship Notebook, the student submits the Notebook to the clinical trainer. After the clinical trainer completes the assessments and gives approval, the Notebook, enclosed in a sealed envelope with the institution's stamp/seal and/or signature, and the Internship Site Evaluation Form, are submitted to the Internship Commission by the student. Forms without a stamp/seal and/or signature are not taken into consideration during the evaluation.







Conditions to perform internship


ARTICLE 8- (1) To be eligible for an internship, students must have taken the prerequisite courses specified in the curriculum approved by the Senate and announced on the department's website for the relevant academic year, and they must not have received a grade of “NA” or “W” in these courses.


Mandatory Attendance for Internship


ARTICLE 9- (1) Students must attend at least 90% of their internship.

(2) One workday is calculated as 8 (eight) hours.

(3) Internship may also be conducted on Saturdays and Sundays if necessary.

(4) The attendance status of students is monitored using an attendance list with the stamp and signature of the authorized personnel at the internship site.



Evaluation of Internship and Objections


ARTICLE 10- (1)  The evaluation of students' internships is carried out by internship coordinators using various methods as specified within the internship note book (written/oral/bedside clinical examination, structured skill exam, observation forms, concept map, reflection, performance grade, etc.). The student is evaluated as “S (Successful)” or “U (Unsuccessful)” taking into account the learning outcomes of the internships.

(2) Objections to internship grade are made in accordance with the provisions of the. “Regulation for Associate and Undergraduate Degree Education and Examinations” of the University.


ARTICLE 11- (1) Students are required to successfully complete their internship within the maximum education period determined by the Higher Education Law No. 2547. A student who has passed all their courses but has not successfully completed their mandatory internship/internships cannot graduate.



Sites and Durations for Internships


ARTICLE 12- (1) Internships are conducted within the specified periods in the educational program.

(2) Internships are conducted in public/private institutions/organizations (health institutions, institutions related to social services, educational institutions, etc.) approved by the Internship Commission.

(3) Students, who wish to do so, can perform their internships abroad as part of Erasmus and/or Exchange agreements or independently. For students going abroad with Erasmus and/or Exchange programs, the conditions for internship mobility of the University's Office of International Affairs apply. The suitability of the institution to which the student wishes to independently complete their internship abroad is determined by the Internship Commission, and official correspondence is conducted by the Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation. In this case, the student is responsible for covering the costs of health insurance, accident insurance, etc., required by the institution they will be interning at.





ARTICLE 13- (1) University does not make any payments to students who are performing an internship.

(2) Internship insurance, for students performing internships related to their education, is provided by the University through the payment of premiums within the scope of Law No. 5510 on “Social Security and General Health Insurance”.



Non Provisional Cases

ARTICLE 14- (1) Matters not covered by these procedures and principles shall be resolved by the relevant committees of the faculty upon the proposal of the department head.



ARTICLE 15-(1) These procedures and principles take effect on the date it is approved by Izmir University of Economics Senate.




ARTICLE 16 – (1) These procedures and principles may be amended by the decision of Izmir University of Economics Senate.



ARTICLE 17- (1) The Dean of IUE Faculty of Health Sciences enforces the provisions of these procedures and principles.


This regulation took effect with the decision of the Senate dated 20.08.2023 and numbered 512-2023/26, and decision of the Board of Trustees dated 26.09.2023 and numbered 83.



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