President's Message

Dear Youth,

One of the most important decisions, which will shape your future, is your choice of university. The university you are going to choose is the place where you will be equipped with the knowledge, vision of the world and education you need in order to turn your young dreams into reality; in other words, your happy future.

University is not only a place where you acquire the professional knowledge and training required for your future but also a universal institution where you get to learn how to take a brave stand against life and to go after your dreams, and to get the necessary knowledge for a better life.

Izmir University of Economics is here in the World City Izmir, one of the most beautiful cities of our country and the Mediterranean, to offer you a new vision and the education you need to fulfill your dreams.

We want to share your dreams.

We know how difficult yet exciting it is to dream for success and go after that dream for years since we did that while we were working hard on establishing the first foundation university of Izmir and Aegean Region. We have transformed Izmir University of Economics into a trademark university in ten years since its establishment by always looking to the future and each day adding up to what we are doing for our university.

You will immediately feel the difference as soon as you step into our trademark university equipped with the newest systems of technologies and best academicians in their own fields. Since we do not only aim at information but also teaching how to obtain the access to and use information.

You will have the opportunity to get your education in an environment of freedom of thought and discussion, democracy and participation, the keystones of a university, at the Izmir University of Economics.

You will have the time of your life while you are getting your education in our campus surrounded by the green environment of Balçova and the blue of the Gulf of Izmir and located at the heart of Izmir, which is called “The City to Live in” both by the residents and outsiders.

We want to shape your dreams through education. We will instill confidence in you before you start your professional life. I will be by your side in every phase of your future.

I would like to invite you to Izmir University of Economics and our beautiful Izmir...

Founder of Izmir University of Economics,
President of the Board of Trustees