Article1 - The purpose of this regulation is to satisfy all the needs of students residing at the Izmir University of Economics dormitory and to provide a healthy, clean, safe and comfortable environment for them.



Article 2 - This regulation covers dormitory rules and principles of the Izmir University of Economics; the administration and management of dormitories; and students’ disciplinary procedures.



Article 3 - The terms stipulated in this directive;

c. Dormitories refer to the dormitories of the Izmir University of Economics

b. University refers to the Izmir University Of Economics

c. Rectorate refers to the Rectorate of the Izmir University of Economics

d. (Cancelled : SD-23/05/2006-69/A-6-BTD-05/06/2006-25)

d. Director of the Dormitories refers to the Director responsible for dormitories

e. Student refers to the students of the Izmir University of Economics

f. Dormitory Administration refers to the director affiliated to the Secretariat General and Directors/Staff of the Dormitories

g. Academic Year refers to the period between the beginning of the courses and the end of the exams indicated on the academic calendar.


Administrative Bodies

Article 4 - The administrative bodies in charge of the dormitories are:

a) The Administrative Committee of the Dormitories

 b) The Dormitory Administration


The Administrative Committee of the Dormitories

Article 5 – (1) The Administrative Committee of the Dormitories consists of a Faculty Member chosen by the Rector, Secretary General, Director of Students and Corporate Activities, Director of Student Affairs' Office, Director of the Dormitories and Student Representatives under the directorship of Vice-Rector in charge of student affairs.


(2) The Administrative Committee of the Dormitories:

a) Determines the general principles and regulations to be followed in the dormitories,

b) Makes decisions concerning the management and the improvement of the dormitories,

c) Analyzes and settles the complaints and suggestions received by the committee,

ç) The committee meets once a month during the academic year, and upon the request from the head of the committee in case of emergency.


Dormitory Administration

Article 6 – (1) The director of the dormitory is the supervising authority of the dormitory administration. Duties include:

a) To ensure that dormitories are managed efficiently and that the regulations and principles established by the Administrative Committee are implemented,

b) To supervise the units and the staff of the dormitory,

c) To take the necessary measures to solve the problems of dormitory staff or students who reside in the dormitory.

ç) To prepare the agenda of the Administrative Committee of the Dormitory,

d) To take the necessary measures to protect dormitory equipment,

e) To register students and keep student records,

f) To maintain discipline in dormitories and to implement the procedures in this regulation when necessary,

g) To implement other duties specified in the dormitory regulation.


Eligibility Requirements

Article 7 – (1) Students, who apply for accommodation in the dormitories;

a. Are required to be students at the Izmir University of Economics and apply in accordance with the regulations. The eligibility criteria of the students is established by the Administrative Committee of the Dormitories and submitted to the Rector for approval.

b)(Change SD 21.03.2018-336-A/7-17.04.2018-42 BTD) (Change SD 21.07.2017/317-19-05.09.2017 BTD) Undergraduate degree program (4 years) students, who have been granted scholarships and reside out of the city borders with their families; students, who reside within the city borders of Izmir but have difficulty in arriving at school the same day via public transportation (those who travel by land for 50 km and more); and students, who reside in the counties designated by the University, may stay at the dormitories free of charge, if they wish to.

c) The Rectorate decides about applications of students who have been convicted of any crime or have been investigated legally, even if they have been pardoned.

ç) Re-enrollment of a student who has been dismissed from the dormitory as a result of a disciplinary reprimand is possible with the Rectorate’s approval, upon the recommendation of the Director of Dormitories, after a period of one semester at least.

d) Students, who do not reside in the dormitory as a scholarship student in the first year of their education although they qualify, may apply to reside in the dormitory in the following years if there is place in the dormitory. Then such applications are evaluated by Dormitory Administrative Committee.

e) Students who leave the dormitory at own request while residing in the dormitory and/or who begin to live at home by taking rent support cannot be accepted to the dormitory again. However, if there is place in the dormitory, such applications are evaluated by Dormitory Administrative Committee.

f) The quota, for foreign students to be accepted to the dormitory, is determined by the Rectorate.


Release Procedures

Article 8- (1) Students, who have graduated or whose registrations are cancelled, leave the dormitories within three business days following the date of their graduation or cancellation of their registration.


(2) Students who leaves the dormitory needs to sign a “Release Form”.


Dormitory Fees and Deposits

Article 9 – (1) The dormitory fees and deposits are determined by the Board of Trustees upon the proposal of the Rectorate at the beginning of each academic year.


(2) Dormitory fees and deposits are paid annually in cash at the initial registration.


(3) Students, who resided at the dormitory for at least one year, may be granted house rent allowance in the event of lack of accommodation at the dormitory. The Dormitory Administrative Committee considers the house rent allowance demands.


(4) Students, who are going to graduate in Fall semester, will be charged with a fee and deposit for one semester if they provide a written document to the Director of the Dormitory from the Student Affairs' Office and their academic department indicating that they will graduate at the end of one semester.


(5) Students who have registered in the dormitories:

 a) Those who have registered by the end of the first month of the Academic Year are required to pay the complete annual fee.

b) Those who have registered by the end of the second month of the Academic Year are required to pay 85 % of the annual fee.

c) Those who have registered later than the end of the second month are required to pay 75 % of the annual fee. Those who have registered in the second semester pay half of the annual fee.


(6) Students, who need to stay in dormitories because of summer school, internship, etc., can stay in dormitories upon the Rectorate’s approval and at an additional fee to be determined by the Board of Trustees if available.



Article 10 - Regulations to be followed for reimbursement of the fee and the deposit to the students who wish to leave the dormitory are as follows:


 a) If the student wants to leave the dormitory before the end of the second week of the Academic Year, 75% of the dormitory fee is refunded.

b) If the student wants to leave the dormitory before the end of the fourth week of the Academic Year, 50% of the dormitory fee is refunded.

c) No refund is made to those who want to leave the dormitory after the fourth week.

ç) No refund is made to those who have been suspended from the dormitories.

d) The deposit is refunded on condition that the student has no debt to the university and that s/he has not damaged any goods or equipment in the dormitory.

e) If the student damages any equipment in the dormitory, s/he has to pay for the damage, based on the current cost, or the damage cost is deducted from the deposit. If the damage is caused by several students, the cost will be divided equally amongst them or deducted from their deposits.


Disciplinary Procedures

Article11 - The Director of the Dormitory can warn or reprimand students who violate the dormitory rules and regulations that have been established to provide a secure and a peaceful environment. If necessary, the director of the dormitory can request a discussion of the reprimand penalties from the dormitory administrative board.



Article 12 – (1) A Warning is a written notification to the student explaining that he/she is to be more careful about his/her duties and behavior in the dormitory.

Actions and incidents that warrant a warning are:

a) Impeding the study or relaxation of dormitory residents, or behaving disrespectfully towards the dormitory directors or janitors.

b) Behaving impolitely and disrespectfully towards others, making loud noise in public places.

c) Not taking care of sleeping quarters and common rooms and furniture in terms of tidiness and cleanliness.

ç)  Changing the places of dormitory goods and equipment without permission.

d) Not informing the Dormitory Directorate, within 15 days, about a change of the permanent residence or the address when the student goes on vacation.

e) Staying outside the dormitory without permission and an excuse at night one time in a single semester.

f) Having visitors outside the areas and times reserved for this purpose.

g) Being in public places with inappropriate clothing.

ğ) Possessing and using music sets and cooking equipment in the dormitory rooms.

h) Throwing objects from the dormitory window or balcony, or hanging laundry, clothes, etc. in these places.

ı) Staying outside the dormitory without permission at times expected to be there, or not showing up at the dormitory at the designated time.

i) Smoking in places where smoking is forbidden.

j) Not using student ID card when entering and exiting the dormitory building.



Article 13 – (1) Written notification to the student explaining that he/she has been considered at fault in relation with being a student at the dormitory.

Actions and incidents that warrant a reprimand are:


a) Keeping his/her closet, suitcase and private belongings inaccessible for inspection by the director of the dormitory, either when the student leaves or when it is necessary.

b) Writing, painting or hanging notices, posters in any part of the dormitory and on dormitory equipment.

c) Removing, tearing, defacing or changing the official posters or announcements hung by dormitory directors.

ç) Not obeying the rules determined by the directors of the dormitory or to behave disrespectfully towards them.

d) Disturbing dormitory residents because of inebriation, possession and consumption of alcoholic drinks within the dormitory.

e) Threatening dormitory residents or causing fights.

f) Staying outside the dormitory without permission and an excuse for two nights in a single semester.

g) Repeating actions and attitudes that require a warning penalty for one time.

ğ) Providing incomplete or faulty documents to the Dormitory Directorate or not providing them at all.

h) Accommodating students who are not registered in the dormitory.

ı) Gambling in the dormitory or letting others gamble.

i Taking dormitory furniture and equipment outside the dormitory.

j) Bringing forbidden publications to the dormitory.

k) Having pets in the dormitory.

l) Students will be referred to the Dormitory Administrative Committee in the event of repeat of actions and behaviors stated above.



Article 14- (1) Offenses that warrant a suspension from the Dormitory for a period up to one semester;

a) Getting a reprimand total of 4 (four) times for not obeying the Dormitory rules.

b) Letting anyone (including family members) in dormitory room or any other parts of the dormitory building without permission from the Dormitory Administration.


Expulsion From the Dormitory

 Article 15 – (1) Offenses that warrant an expulsion from the Dormitory by the Dormitory Administrative Committee are:

a) Receiving suspension from the dormitory for two times.

b) Committing robbery.

c) Possession of or using guns, explosives, flammable or harmful equipment in the dormitory.

ç) Threatening the directors of the dormitory, insulting dormitory directors and directors either individually or as a group, either verbally or in a written form, inciting them, or attacking them physically.

d) Possession of or using drugs, or bringing them into the dormitory.

e) Fighting.

f) Behaving in an inappropriate and immoral manner.

g) Allowing outsiders into the dormitory.

ğ) Making false or incomplete statement on the dorm application form.

h) Receiving any kind of suspension from the University.


Objection to Disciplinary Penalties

Article 16- (1) Students can object to disciplinary penalties within 7 days following the date the disciplinary penalties are notified and announced. Objections to warning and reprimand are made to the Dormitory Directorate; and to expulsion without a specific period are made to the Dormitory Administrative Committee via Dormitory Directorate.


(2) The objection does not prevent the penalty to be implemented. However, expulsion from the dormitory is halted until the decision about the objection is finalized.


(3) Decisions taken after the objections are the final decisions.


Miscellaneous Provisions

Article 17- (1) The Director of the dormitory can change a student’s room if necessary and notifies the Dormitory Administration Committee of this in writing.


(2) The Rectorate can close the dormitories directly or upon the proposal of the Administration Committee in the event of extraordinary situations occurring.


(3) Students have to take their private possessions when they go on holiday or leave the dormitory for any reason. The management is not responsible for private possessions left in the dormitory.


(4) Companions will not be allowed to stay in the rooms of students who are ill.


(5) Any punishment regarding the discipline procedure is reported to the student against signature. Also, short or long term suspensions from the dormitory are reported to the student's family and to the Rectorate in writing, and it is recorded in the Student’s file.


(6) The Rector may ask the Director of Dormitories – with a written request –to dismiss a student when deemed necessary.


(7) The Dormitory Directorate is not responsible for the loss of money or valuable documents, possessions submitted without an official report.


(8) Students who repeat an offence for which they have received a warning or reprimand may receive a higher degree of penalty upon the second offence.


(9) In situations that are not covered under this regulation, the articles in the Disciplinary Regulations of the Higher Education Council will be applied.


(10) A higher degree of penalty is implemented to students who repeat an offence for which they have received a disciplinary penalty during their stay at the dormitory.


(11) Students, who received expulsion from the Dormitory, need to turn in the dormitory ID card to the Administration.



Article 18 - This directive takes effect on the date of the approval by the Board of Trustees of the Izmir University of Economics.



Article 19 - This directive is executed by the Rector of the Izmir University of Economics.


Approval and Changes

1-SD 23.05.2006/69-A6/BDT 05.06.2006/25

2-SD 13.07.2009/138-A10/ BDT 28.07.2009/56-10

3-SD 04.02.2013/204-A16/ BDT 12.02.2013/30

4-SD 25.01.2017/302-A10/ BDT 08.02.2017/2