Purpose and Scope
Article 1-(1) (Changed SD 16.02.2016-280-A5 / BTD 12.07.2016-14 )This directive covers the application conditions, evaluation and registration admission regulations for foreign students who will be admitted to get education in associate degree, graduate degree, master (of arts/sciences )degree, Ph.D. degree level in the Faculties, Schools, and Vocational Schools affiliated to Izmir University of Economics.

Article 2-(1)This Directive has been prepared on the basis of the General Assembly of the Higher Education decision dated January 21, 2010.

Determination of the Quota
Article 3-(1) (Changed SD 16.02.2016-280-A5 / BTD 12.07.2016-14 )The quotas, conditions, diplomas and examinations for the application of  foreign students to associate and graduate programs at İzmir University of Economics are determined every academic year by the University Senate, and submitted to Higher Education Council Directorate, following the approval of the Board of Trustees.

(2) (Add SD 16.02.2016-280-A5 / BTD 12.07.2016-14 )The quotas, application conditions for the foreign students to Izmir University of Economics programs are determined by University Senate upon the recommendation of the Administrative Board of the relevant institutes, and submitted to Higher Education Council Directorate upon the approval of the Board of Trustees.

(3) (Add SD 16.02.2016-280-A5 / BTD 12.07.2016-14 )Even in case of an additional quota, no student with a point lower than the announced one will be admitted.

(4) (Add SD 16.02.2016-280-A5 / BTD 12.07.2016-14 )The conditions and dates for application by foreign students are published on University web site.

Conditions for Application
Article 4- (1) (Changed SD 16.02.2016-280-A5 / BTD 12.07.2016-14 ) Foreign Candidates who study at senior high school classes equivalent to TR secondary schools or who have graduated from these schools, and who have the indicated examination points and/or diplomas/diploma grades determined by the Senate and announced on the webpage can apply to get education in graduate programs at Izmir University of Economics.

(2) (Add  SD 14.06.2017-314-A6 / BTD 04.07.2017-32) When applications are taken, “the rules and procedures on admission of foreign national students and students who completed their entire secondary education abroad”, is taken into consideration that is specified by Council of Higher Education for the respective academic year

Artcile 5-(1)  (Add  SD 16.02.2016-280-A5 / BTD 12.07.2016-14 )Foreign candidates with a degree in B.A./B.S./M.A./M.S. in foreign universities, recognized by the Higher Educational Board (YOK) as well as those with a degree in B.A./B.S./M.A./M.S. in higher educational schools in Turkey can apply to get education in the postgraduate programs at IEU.

Article 6 - (Deleted SD 16.02.2016-280-A5 / BTD 12.07.2016-14 )

Article 7-(Deleted SD 16.02.2016-280-A5 / BTD 12.07.2016-14 )

Article 8 - (1) (Changed SD 16.02.2016-280-A5 / BTD 12.07.2016-14 )The quotas and application conditions for candidates who want to apply for scholarship in graduate and postgraduate programs are determined every year by the University Senate upon the approval by the Board of Trustees.

Article 9- (1) (Changed SD 16.02.2016-280-A5 / BTD 12.07.2016-14 )Foreign students to apply for graduate/ postgraduate programs are required to prepare their documents of application specified in the Senate Decision and to make their application on internet.

Evaluation of the Applications
Article 10-(1) (Changed SD 16.02.2016-280-A5 / BTD 12.07.2016-14 )The applications of the foreign candidates to graduate programs are evaluated by International Relations Office on the basis of examination points and diploma grades. Letters of Admission are sent to the candidates who have fulfilled the requirements.

(2) (Add SD 16.02.2016-280-A5 / BTD 12.07.2016-14 )For the departments that require aptitude test, candidates can be interviewed by telephone or invited to the university for an interview. Candidates may also be required to prepare a special portfolio and/or special file. In that case, the results of the telephone calls and interviews will also be taken into consideration while making an evaluation.

(3) (Add SD 16.02.2016-280-A5 / BTD 12.07.2016-14 )The application documents of the foreign students to apply for postgraduate programs are sent to the relevant Institute Management Office and/or Department Head Office by the International Relations office. The students whose applications were found appropriate are sent a Letter of Admission, upon the approval by the relevant units.

(4) (Add SD 16.02.2016-280-A5 / BTD 12.07.2016-14 )The following details are specified in the Letter of Admission: full name of the student, passport no., place of birth, date of birth, program s/he was admitted, registration dates, documents to be submitted during the registration, the bank account no. to which the educational fee will be paid.

Announcement of the Results
Article 11- (1) (Changed SD 16.02.2016-280-A5 / BTD 12.07.2016-14 )Evaluation results for students to be registered without scholarship are finalized upon the approval of the Administrative Board of the relevant faculty/vocational school/institute, whereas those to be registered with scholarship by the University Administrative Board. The results are published on the University web site.

Article 12-(1) (Changed SD 16.02.2016-280-A5 / BTD 12.07.2016-14 )The registration of the foreign students admitted to Izmir University of Economics are made on the announced dates by the Student Affairs’ Office.

(2) (Add SD 16.02.2016-280-A5 / BTD 12.07.2016-14 )The candidates who do not make their registration in the determined period or who do not submit the necessary documents are regarded as leaving their registration right. The registration of the ones who have deficiency or falsification in their documents and the ones who are dismissed from a higher education institution due to disciplinary penalty can be cancelled even if they have made registration. The fees of such kind of students will not be refunded.

(3) (Add SD 16.02.2016-280-A5 / BTD 12.07.2016-14 )The students have to make the registration in person, and submit the documents specified in the Letter of Admission in full.

(4) (Add SD 16.02.2016-280-A5 / BTD 12.07.2016-14 )Registration is not possible with any missing document.

Matters not Specified in the Regulation
Article 13- (1) In matters not specified in the regulation, legislation provisions concerning the matter are applied.

Article 14- (1) This directive takes effect on the date of the approval by the Board of Trustees.

Article 15- (1) This directive is executed by İzmir University of Economics Rector.





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