TLC (Teaching and Learning Center)

Peer Tutoring

The main aim of the Tutoring Program at the Teaching and Learning Center (TLC) is to help students (tutees) become more independent learners. Tutors work with individual and/or groups of students across a range of courses, either on a short or long-term basis, to clarify and review concepts taught in class, explain processes, and help students with specific tasks as needed. Tutoring is a “student-centered” activity, and as such, the emphasis and content of each session is determined by the needs of the students. However, it is important to emphasize that tutoring is a supplement to teaching, and not a replacement for class attendance and participation. Tutoring sessions are designed to respond to students’ individual questions and needs, but this does not mean that the tutors simply provide direct answers for homework/exams; the aim is to enable students to improve their own performance, rather than do their work for them.

The tutors are undergraduate students who have previously shown excellent performance in the course in which they tutor, and have had specific training to facilitate discussions on course content, as well as to inculcate good study habits. The Tutoring Program offers an exceptional opportunity for academic support from students familiar with specific coursework in certain subject areas. These services focus on specific needs, such as coaching for tests, reviewing class materials, and explaining advanced concepts in ways that are accessible to tutees, which can be invaluable in the mastery of specific course content.

Goals of the Tutoring Program