On campus services

Health and Counseling Services

Health and Counseling Services

IUE has a doctor and a nurse at the service of students. Furthermore, counseling and psychological help is offered to provide mental, psychological and social development of our students. In addition, psychological consultancy and support for students are provided by Student Development and Counseling Center (SDCC). Our clinical psychiatrist working within the body of this center makes interviews with students in weekdays from 08.30 a.m. to 6 p.m. The second largest hospital of İzmir is five minutes driving distance from the university.

Laboratory, Library, IT Services

IUE owns a computer based library and a documentation center. The library consists of printed and electronic information resources. There is campus-wide internet Access including the library, classrooms, cafeteria, restaurant, and dormitory. The campus and the buildings of IUE are easily accessible by disabled students. There is also a "Disability Support Center" which helps disabled students continue their academic studies under the same conditions with other students.


Having hi-tech equipments, the university has the capacity to follow the latest developments in technology with its advanced IT infrastructure. The university buildings were designed to allow wireless internet access in all parts of the campus including the library, classrooms, cafeteria, restaurant and dormitory.

Moreover, an IT Help Desk assists students if they have any kind of problem with their laptops, internet access or other IT services.

İzmir University of Economics is also a member of EDUROAM (EDUcation ROAMing) which is a radius based identity validation infrastructure developed for the users to connect to Internet easily in the institutions they visit.Being part of EDUROAM allows users to access a wireless network at a visited institution (also connected to eduroam) simply using the same credentials (for instance, username and password), the users would use if they were at their home institution.

In addition, the students are provided with Microsoft Dreamspark Service which enables students to download Microsoft developer and design tools at no charge.

In order to benefit from the wireless network at IUE, the students can apply to the IT Help Desk and get their computers registered.

Student Life

IUE gives importance to the enrichment of academic programs with cultural, artistic, and sportive activities. For this reason, IUE has various student clubs that promote social life. Football, basketball, and volleyball fields are available on campus.

The activities of the student clubs aim to provide physical, mental, cultural and aesthetic development for our students and improve their skills.

Student life is enriched by various activities such as student conferences, career days, spring fest, and other organizations. Career Guidance Center which is established to create a career consciousness in the students by introducing them to the business life provides the students with the opportunity of planning their future during their education.

IUE also established Disability Support Center for the students who have a disability that may hinder their academic or social life.