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Practical Information

Residence Permit

Please note that you must complete online application within 30 days of your arrival to Turkey

1- Visit  and click on «I lodge and application for residence permit for the first time»

2- Follow the steps to complete the form with all relevant personal information. 

​3- At the end of the application page, the system will give you an appointment date and you will submit all your documents to immigration office personally on this date. You must get a print out of your online application form.

4- Get a tax number: You will apply to Balçova Tax Office with a letter written in Turkish (here is a sample) giving information about your father's name/mother's name/residence address. Don't forget to attach your passport copy)

The address of the tax office is "Balçova Vergi Dairesi Şehit Binbaşı Ali Resim Tufan Cad. No:17 Üç Kuyular/ İZMİR. Then they will give your tax number

5- After you get the tax number, you will pay residence application fee which is mentioned on your application form . You can pay it to either a bank or to the cashier just across the Clock Tower in Konak.

6- Prepare your insurance: You can either choose state insurance (SGK-applicable in max 90 days after your entrance to Turkey) or private insurance. Please note that IUE is not working with insurance companies. You need to contact with private insurance companies individually. The insurance policy has to cover the minimum requirements. Otherwise, it will not be accepted while you are submitting your documents to immigration office.


Minimum Policy Content

Contracted Institutions
*Non- Contracted Institutions
Annual Minimum Limit
Annual Minimum Limit
Outpatient Diagnosis Treatment
2.000. -TL
Insured: % 40 
Compan: % 60
Insured: % 40 
Company  : % 60
Inpatient Diagnosis Treatment
Insured: % 0
Company: % 100
Insured: % 20
Company: % 80 


Required documents for residence permit:

1. Print out copy of e-ikamet application form (signed)
2. Passport copy (expiration day min 6 months after the end of first residence permit request)
3. 4 biometric photos
4. Health insurance
5. Student certificate
6. Residential address submission (dorm statement letter / notarized copy of rent contract / notarized statement by host family)
7. Receipt of residence permit application fee payment
8. If under 18;  letter of consent and birth certificate

Please check the final list of documents listed at the end of your online appointment application

Your residence permit card will be directly sent to your address. Please pay attention to provide the correct address on your online application for residence permit.

After you get your tax number and residence permit, you can also open a bank account.

İzmir Immigration Office Contact Information 
TEL : 0 232 402 44 62


Turkish national currency is Türk Lirası (TL).  The currency is in the form of the following banknotes and coins:

Available Banknotes Available Coins
200 TL 1.00 TL
100 TL 50 Kuruş
50 TL 25 Kuruş
20 TL 10 Kuruş
10 TL 5 Kuruş
5 TL  



16.700 TL per academic year in 4-person room

Furnished house 1.200 TL/month
Household (electricity, gas, etc.) appr. 300 TL/month


Ticket (valid for entire public transport - Bus, Subway, Ferry) 1.65 TL/student İzmirimkart counter, 2.86 TL/adult Kentkart counter.


Breakfast 5-10 TL/meal
Lunch 10-15 TL/meal
Dinner 10-25 TL/meal
Total 25-50 TL/day


Books 30-100 TL/book
Entertainment 30-150 TL/per weekend (wide variety of options for place and prices)


Although Turkey is situated in a large Mediterranean geographical location where climatic conditions are quite temperate, diverse nature of the landscape, and the existence in particular of the mountains that run parallel to the coasts, result in significant differences in climatic conditions from one region to the other.  While the coastal areas enjoy milder climates, the inland Anatolian plateau experiences hot summers and cold winters with limited rainfall. The Aegean and Mediterranean coasts have cool, rainy winters and hot, moderately dry summers.

During the summer period in İzmir, the temperature is about 30-35 degrees celsius.  Winter temperature is between 5-10 degrees Celsius.  It rarely snows, and the temperature is rarely under zero degree. 

How to Get a Local Mobile Phone Number

It is suggested for exchange students to get a local mobile phone number since it is cheaper to communicate with a local line. The exchange students can get a local mobile phone number simply by applying with their passport to one of the branches of companies such as Turkcell or Vodafone. 


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