Campus Life

There are various size classrooms with all kinds of visual, audial appliances and internet connections in buildings on campus area. These buildings include;

  • Anatomy Lab,
  • Print Studio,
  • Computer Labs,
  • Biomedical and Instrumentation Laboratory,
  • Biotechnology Laboratory,
  • CAD Labs,
  • CDM Loft,
  • Drawing and Design Laboratory,
  • Child Development Lab,
  • Digital Signal Processing Lab,
  • DMaker Lab,
  • Electronics Lab,
  • Industry 4.0 and CIM Laboratory,
  • Instrumental Lab,
  • Film Set,
  • Physics Lab,
  • Photography Studio,
  • Genç Yaratıcı Communication Services Agency,
  • Computer Laboratory,
  • Electricity Lab,
  • Geotechnical Lab,
  • Graphics Design Lab,
  • News Center,
  • Hydromechanics Lab,
  • Cell and Tissue Culture Laboratory,
  • Wet Multidisciplinary Lab (W MDL),
  • Molding and Sewing Lab,
  • Chemistry Lab,
  • Clinical Skills & Simulation Lab,
  • Control Lab,
  • Control and EEE Training Laboratory,
  • Dry Multidisciplinary Lab (D MDL),
  • MAC Labs,
  • Machine Design and Manufacturing Lab,
  • Cloud and Advanced Simulation Room,
  • Occupational Skills and Simulation Lab,
  • Microbiology Seeding Lab,
  • Microprocessor Lab,
  • Microscopy Hall,
  • Fashion Design Studio,
  • Molecular Research Laboratory,
  • Network, Communication, and Software Development Lab,
  • Opticianry Lab,
  • Automation and Work Study Lab,
  • Sample Preparation Lab,
  • PACTS (Preparatory Activity Center for Teachers and Students),
  • Psychology Lab (Neuroscience of Mind and Behavioral Research Laboratory),
  • Radio Studios,
  • Painting Atelier,
  • Robotics and Rapid Prototyping  Lab,
  • Robotics and Mechanics Laboratory,
  • Sound Design Studio,
  • Silent Study Personal Access Center,
  • Simultaneous Translation Lab,
  • Simulation Lab-I,
  • Simulation Lab-II,
  • Cinema Hall,
  • Smart Class,
  • Sümerbank Pattern Archive,
  • Design Studios,
  • Clean Room,
  • Medical Imaging Lab,
  • TV Studio,
  • Aerospace Lab,
  • Aerospace Laboratory,
  • Video-Audio G Personal Access Center,
  • VLSI Lab,
  • Web and Game Lab,
  • Building Materials Lab,
  • Structural Mechanics Lab,
  • Computer Games Design Laboratory

On campus there are sports areas, dance halls, and basketball fields. Dormitory building is also located on campus.  Additionally, there is a place where students can have their meals.

Other areas in the existing buildings can be listed as; conference halls, reading room and library, kitchen, infirmary, kiosks and dormitory.

Restaurants and Cafes can be listed as;
Starbucks, Inbox, Altınkapı Döner, Cafe Mio, Sofra Yemek, Milky, Healthy Court