General Services


Izmir University of Economics campus is located in Izmir Balçova district, Teleferik locality. Since the campus is close to the city center, transportation is easily accessible. The following public busses have routes that run in front of the main entrance of the campus:
Please click on the below link for further information on bus lines 480 and 969.
It is possible to reach out to more destinations via transfer centers.

Banking Services

ING Bank, AKBANK, Vakıf Bank, Türkiye İş Bankası and T.C. Ziraat Bank ATM machines are available on campus to provide 24-hour service. In addition, the branches of many banks are in close proximity of the campus.

Sports Facilities

In addition to almost 60 social activity clubs, there are student clubs in various sports like American football, tennis, basketball, sailing, underwater, mountaineering, trekking, and soccer on campus.
The university has:

  • 2 outdoor basketball courts,
  • Indoor basketball/volleyball courts jointly used with Balçova Municipality,
  • Outdoor football field jointly used with Balçova Municipality,
  • 1 indoor dance hall,
  • 1 indoor tennis court


There is a student dormitory building, which can accommodate 460 people on campus. Each of the double occupancy rooms includes the following amenities:

  • Bathroom,
  • Air conditioner,
  • Hot water round the clock,
  • Daily cleaning service,
  • Mini refrigerator,
  • Internet connection,
  • Bookcase,
  • Study desk,
  • Table lamp,
  • Wardrobe,
  • Telephone.

Dormitory students also benefit from the below services:

  • Café
  • Laundry Mat
  • TV Hall

Being only 1 km away from movie theatres, shopping centers, entertainment and health centers, the dormitory provides additional benefits to students for leisure activities.

Disability Support Centre

This center is established to support Izmir University of Economics students with special needs during their education on campus and to allow them to continue their academic studies with similar conditions that are provided for other students. Disabilities are classified as visually handicapped, hearing impaired, physically handicapped, speech disorders, hyperactivity disorder, psychological problems, mental disorders, chronic health issues, and temporary incompetency. Students who have a disability that may hinder their academic or social life at Izmir University of Economics can apply to Student and Corporate Activities Directorate, Disability Support Centre with a Medical Board Report. For more information;

Health Services

Izmir University of Economics has a doctor and a nurse on call to provide medical services. In addition to this, two specialized psychologists provide counseling and psychological services to enhance mental and social development of our students.

Academic Advising and Social Counseling

An “Advisor”, among the respective lecturers, is appointed by the University for students who begin first grade.
Academic advisors provide academic guidance for students on course selections and academic matters.
In addition, during the period that the students make their university preferences, guidance service is provided by the University via expert guidance counselors off campus due to huge demand.

Career Guidance Centre

Among the duties of the Career Guidance Centre is to create a career consciousness among students by introducing them to the business life and to provide them with the opportunity to plan their future during their education.
The University organizes various career activities each year. Career Days help the students to get to know the business life before they graduate. It creates a direct communication opportunity between the institutions in either private sector or public sector and the students while allowing participating institutions to have the chance to meet potential employees on the spot.
The center, in collaboration with Alumni Relations Office, organizes Alumni Chats each month where the alumni share their employment experiences with students so they can have a better understanding of the business life they will be part of in the future. 
The Interview Days allow students to have real life interview experience with HR managers of companies they want to work for in the near future, and increase their chance of finding employment even before they graduate.

Internship Opportunities

All students enrolled in undergraduate programs are expected to perform internship and complete their internship in designated amount of time. Announcements of the institutions requesting interns from the University are also shared with the students.
Students, while performing their internship, get a chance to understand in which institution and profession to use the theoretical knowledge and skills instilled by the University, and make a decision accordingly.

Alumni Relations Office

Alumni Relations Office intends to contribute to the social, cultural, and professional lives of graduates of Izmir University of Economics, provide solidarity and communication among them, and work to keep the ‘Izmir University of Economics’ spirit alive.
The main purpose of the Office is to strengthen alumni relations, keep them posted about the University’s events and organizations, and maintain university-alumni relations. For this purpose, Alumni Information System is established. The System aims to bring graduates of Izmir University of Economics together with the leading companies and to increase the industry-university collaboration at the same time. The system allows graduates to update their personal, academic, and employment information, upload their CV under personal information screen and search for jobs listed on the system database where registered companies post job vacancies.
The Office, in collaboration with Izmir University of Economics Career Guidance Center, provides services such as career guidance, rehearsing for a job interview, etc.
The Alumni Card, one of many services provided for the alumni, allows you to benefit from the Library free, attend the conferences, symposiums, activities, etc. organized by the University, and use it for entering and exiting the campus. You may continue to carry on the spirit of Izmir University of Economics with your free of charge IUE Alumni Card.
We provide you with a ‘’ mail address you can use for life in order to keep in touch as you enter the business world.
Please get in touch with Alumni Relations Office in order to learn more about upcoming alumni activities, update your information, and share your opinions and recommendations.


Izmir University of Economics (IUE) Technology Transfer Office (TTO) is a settlement located at Izmir University of Economics, which is co-founded by Izmir University of Economics, Bilimpark Inc. and Izmir Chamber of Commerce. It aims to create benefit in terms of technology between university and industry under innovation and entrepreneurship topics.
IUE-TTO acts as a support unit for students, academicians, and industry partners with the purpose of meeting all kinds of needs in all phases including gestation phase to project phase, scientific technology to production phase.
It provides services with the purpose of transferring project outcomes to industry in order to create benefit, and making needs assessment of industry in order to develop projects.
The Office serves entrepreneurs, academicians, industrial organizations, and students in order to receive scientific support from Izmir University of Economics through its national and international collaborations, develop new technologies with that, and act as a mediator to transfer it to the markets.

Student Clubs

There are approximately 60 student clubs available at the university in order to contribute to the social development of the students. These clubs continue their activities intensively which are supported by the University materially and spiritually.

Dining and Shopping Facilities

Along with the shopping malls such as Agora, Kipa, Asmaçatı, Özdilek, and Palmiye that are in close proximity to the campus, the campus is only 1-3 km away from Inciraltı Youth Centre, where there are movie theatres, theatres, sports fields, restaurants and cafes located. Both Agora and Balçova Kipa run student shuttles during winter and spring semesters.
There are also cafes and restaurants on campus run by Sofra catering, as well as Starbucks, Cafe Mio, Altın Kapı Döner, and Healty Court.

Office of International Affairs

The Office of International Affairs works to develop the collaborations between international institutions and organizations and the University; increase the number of foreign national students at the University in order to create an international education and training environment with the intention of meeting the goals of Izmir University of Economics on becoming a “world university”.  The Office carries out its activities in order to implement the goals regarding “Internationalization”, one of the most significant goals of IUE stated in the Strategic Plan. The Office works to increase the international participation in the courses, programs offered by IUE; develop student exchange between IUE, and universities abroad; and coordinate the admissions of international students, and increase international academic activities.