Student Clubs

If you want to improve yourself socially as well as academically, and have free and fun time in your areas of interest, you can choose any of the 50 students clubs and make new friendships and hobbies. It is very much possible to establish close communication with academics, and meet the representatives of business world, and take the first steps towards your career while you are a student. Remember that social and cultural richness are just as important as the diploma you receive when you graduate. Hurry up and participate in one of the student clubs as 7 thousand other fellow students do. Enjoy the enthusiasm, excitement, and fun in your leisure times.

İEÜ Yelken Kulübü

For further information, please see ; IUE Student Clubs Regulation and forward questions to address.

İzmir University of Economics Scientific Research Society aims to be scientists who realize this change, can contribute to science based on their mind and science, who can realize the difference with their contributions, and who are university students and clubs. aims to present all kinds of activities for self-improvement of its members.

Chairman : Aleyna ÜNVER

Our club was established in order to follow the recent developments in advertising world and share these with other students through various activities.   

The club is aware of the fact that advertising has a constructive and destructive effect on the social structure, and its members assumes responsibility required by this awareness.  The club believes in “Everyone is both a teacher and a student.” Philosophy, and the members freely share their opinions and provide feedbacks.

Website :

Chairman : Ecenaz TELLİOĞLU

The club organizes fundraisers on campus for animals in shelters where club members sell home baked goods at the stand in order to help animals in shelters to live in better conditions. They also collect blankets, toys, and various goods to take to shelters.

Website :

Chairman : Beyza BORAZAN

It is aimed that Biomedical Engineering students and other Izmir University of Economics students interested in biomedical technologies to work together, develop projects, organize meetings and trips.

Website :

Chairman : Duygu KÖYBAŞI

As University of Economics Bodybuilding and Fitness Club, our aim is to increase your interest in this sport and to make you healthier and more confident individuals. There is a place in our club for everyone, whether amateur or professional, who has never done this sport. If you are looking for a comfortable discussion environment where you can ask all kinds of questions about Bodybuilding and Fitness from beginner to advanced level and get answers to these questions, you can join our club today.

Chairman : Yılmaz Mert YILDIZ

IUE Chinese Culture Club aims to create a platform where students from our school and other universities who want to know more about China, which has become the growing power of the world, who are interested in Chinese traditions, culture and Chinese can come together. It aims to have fun and learn at the same time by gathering under the roof of Chinese culture with the academic and social activities it organizes throughout the year.

Website :

Chairman : Pelin ERŞİN

Kulübümüz, dünyanın içinde bulunduğu ekolojik krizleri, türcülüğü, hayvan sömürüsünü tartışmak ve çözüm yolları aramak; sürdürülebilir yaşam ilkesini benimseyerek veganizm, feminizm, ırkçılık, çevrecilik konularında yapılacak olan paneller, okumalar, konferanslar ve İzmir geneli diğer üniversitelerle birlikte yapılacak çalışmalarla bilinç yaratmayı hedefler.

Chairman : Gonca YILDIZ

Community Volunteers, is a change and development Project based on their motto "not 

to criticize, but to change". They put various social responsibility projects into practice 

and transform the energy of its members into a social benefit. It aims for social peace, 

solidarity, and change led by youth and guided by adults.

Website :

Chairman : Şaban Kağan KILINÇ

The aim of the club is to examine the existing and future situations of the Izmir University of Economics campuses and to conduct studies, to work on the elimination and elimination of deficiencies and needs, to carry out researches and activities on the projects and applications planned to be realized

Website :

Chairman : Ece ÇİZMECİOĞLU

Gelişen dünyamız içerisinde oldukça ilerleme kateden teknolojinin avantajları yanısıra dezavantajları da olabilmektedir. Bu dezavantajlar, çeşitli güvenlik açıkları ve kişisel bilgilerin erişebilirliği, kısaca siber suçların artmasıdır. Tam da bu noktada Siber Güvenlik kulübü olarak toplumların sanal dünya hakkında bilinçlenmesini hedefliyor bunun da başlangıcının gençlerle olabileceğine inanıyoruz. Bu sebeple, kulüp olarak üniversitemiz öğrencilerinin siber güvenlik hakkında bilinçlenmelerini sağlamaya, aynı zamanda siber güvenlikte kariyer düşünen kişilere yol gösterecek imkanlar yaratmaya yönelik çalışmalar gerçekleştiriyoruz.

Website :

Chairman : Fatma Ezgi ERKAT

ECOMUN (Model United Nations) is a universal and international conference and a United Nations simulation also represented in Turkey. It is the only official activity recognized by UN worldwide and is funded by the Prime Ministry.  High school and university students from all around the world get into groups and discuss the current problems of the world and find solutions just like the UN operates. The outcomes are submitted to the Secretary General of UN. MUN is subject to all of the procedures of UN.  MUN aims to help develop the research and discussion skills of the students, make them practice speaking English, work on world issues, improve their social environment, and help them prepare an effective CV. 

Website :

Chairman : Arda ATAOĞUZ

The club, founded by our students who are supporters of Beşiktaş Sports Club, provides supporters support for the sports competitions of Beşiktaş Sports Club in various branches.

Chairman : Ozan TANDOĞAN

Erasmus Student Network (ESN) is one of the biggest interdisciplinary student associations in Europe. ESN IUE is one of the parts of that network which established in August 2014 and became a section in May 2015 in the National Platform that was held in İzmir in 2015. It is a non-profit organization acting according to the laws and regulations.

The main mission of ESN IUE is to help both incoming and outgoing exchange students. ESN IUE aims to help exchange students in a variety of areas such as accommodation, adaptation to university and city life etc. ESN IUE also organizes events and social Erasmus projects in order to help people in need.

Website :

Chairman : Hilal Rana ANARSAY

IUE Folk Dances Club has been established at 2001 – 2002 Academic Year when the University was first established.  The club performs at all Academic Year Openings, Anniversary of the Establishment Ceremonies, Spring Festivals, and many other organizations. The club hosts different teams each year and organize folk dances nights to share the cultural heritage with new generations.

Turks, who migrated from Middle Asia to Anatolia, adopted many different dances during their travels. IUE Folk Dances Club managed to embody all of these dances, and perform regional dances from Aegean, Black Sea, Thrace, Central Anatolia, and Southeast Anatolia. 

Dances performed:zeybek ,burdur, kafkas ,üsküp roman ,oryantal, karadeniz ,gürcü ,antep ,hakkari ,anamur-silifke, kırşehir modern ekip=semah-halay-karadeniz-erzurum

Website :

Chairman : Ceren YAVAŞ

As ECOFRAN - IUE Club de Français our objectives are to introduce this language and culture to students who are interested in the French language, French culture, and France in general, to create an environment where they can use French in daily life through various activities, and bring Francophone students and other students who are interested all together, regardless of their departments. Accordingly, we welcome everyone to our club

Website :

Chairman : Baran Toprak ŞENKUL

The game sector in our country, which is in its infancy stage, is growing and improving through such organizations. These efforts are very important to us because Izmir University of Economics currently is the one and only university in Turkey offering ‘Computer Games’ education in undergraduate level.

Chairman : Ceyda Dağcı

As a Google Developer Student Club, we are community based group for students who are interested in Google Developer Technologies. We want to bridge the gap between theory and practice with different events and study jams, and help you with your career via tech talks and conferences with experienced people around the world.

To join our club, please fill out this form: and do not forget to join us via our community website to be informed of our events.

We can't wait to see the amazing impact we will make together!

Website :

Chairman : Gülce Berfin ERCAN

To raise the awareness of healthy living among young people who grow up in nearby towns and towns, especially students of Izmir University of Economics, to raise young people who are sensitive to their environment. It aims to be following, respectful and dynamic individuals. In the events organized as a health club, young people are tried to create awareness of healthy living and action.

Chairman : Dilan KARA

The club was established in order for students to express, improve themselves, experience distinctness of art and dance, and to offer them a social environment. The club members take basic modern dance training and display their creativity through their body movements.

Website :

Chairman : Elif KARAKUŞ

Industrial Systems Community aims to contribute to the promotion and development of the Department of Industrial Systems Engineering, increase the academic and social accumulation of its members by organizing seminars, conferences, technical trips, and social activities, and bring students of industrial systems engineering, lecturers, and graduates together. The community also follows the respective national and international organizations and conferences and informs its members.

Website :

Chairman : Belenay Ece AKSOY

The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Club is a media presentation. Social responsibility and innovation based on ethical values. It is in the platform of bringing together all the student communities of the world and the behaviors that make a difference. The initiative of our school makes it difficult to make the progress of start-ups possible. He's planning on alleviating some.

Chairman : Engin Berke YÜCEL

Electrical and Electronics Engineers develop systems and materials for computers and

electronic systems. The club gathers all interested students who want to support our 


Website :

Chairman : Ayten PAMUK

The club serves as the meeting point of Galatasaray fans.

Chairman : Mert Yavuz

Established by İzmir University of Economics Göztepe Unıforce fan students, the club provides fan support for Göztepe Sports Club's events in various branches.

Chairman : Cemal Alp BAYRAK

Akapella is a type of music that is mentioned as a capella in music terminology. As a musical instrument, the human voice is used. Under the name of our university ECHOİR this vocal chorus was created.

Website :

Chairman : Gözde MEMİŞ

The club, which was established in 2002, is one of the most active clubs with its increasing members each day.   The club hosts more than 100 members each year, and almost 1500 students received dance training up until now. It organizes many activities in order to promote couples dancing and Latin dances. The club was established in order to represent Izmir University of Economics at national organizations and it participates in dance festivals nationwide.

Chairman : Simge ERTÜRK

The club was established in 2012. It aims to help broaden the vision and mission of 

students interested in law. The Club is committed to the principles of the Rule of Law, 

democracy and Ataturk’s Principles and Revolutions. Adding value to the prestige and 

honor of the University is our primary purpose.

Chairman : Su Öykü İNCEOĞULLARI

Since its establishment in 2004-2005 academic year, with its more than 150 members,

the club organized many events in scientific and social fields. The club, in addition to 

supporting personal development of its members, aims to design and implement 

projects in social fields by turning theoretical information into practical information.

Website :

Chairman : Ada ATLAYAN

İzmir Ekonomi Üniversitesi öğrencilerinin kariyerlerine yön vermeleri için çalışmalar yapmaya yönelik bir kulüptür. Bu sayede network kurabilir ve iş dünyası gerekliliklerini tanıyabilirler. Sadece gelecek için deneyim kazanmazlar aynı zamanda, daha nitelikli bir özgeçmişe sahip olmalarının yanı sıra girişimci, yaratıcı, pazarlama yönleri de aktifleşir. Pazarlama faaliyetleri ile gelecekte kariyerini bu alana yöneltmek isteyen bireyler yapacağımız etkinlikler sayesinde daha bilgili hale gelirler. Aynı zamanda üyeler arasında dayanışma ve arkadaşlık ilişkilerini geliştirmelerini ve daha sosyal olmalarını sağlanır.

Website :

Chairman : Zeynep Sude AYHAN

The club was established to bring anyone interested in music together. The club welcomes all music styles and welcomes anyone who chose music as their life style. 

Website :

Chairman : Servet Ulaş KIRCAER

The club aims to coordinate social, cultural activities that will contribute to increase the knowledge, manners, and experience; raise awareness on related subjects; informs students on political, social, and other respective institutions; share ideas; organize conferences, panels, chats, symposiums and bring students together with the exerts; keep them updated about recent developments; coordinate joint projects with national-international institutions and organizations.

Website :

Chairman : Oğuzhan YILDIRIM

As prospective psychologists, we all heard, “I always wanted to study psychology but…..” We established our club based on this statement in order to inform, share, and raise interest about psychology. We welcome all interested parties in psychology.

Website :

Chairman : Irmak ÇAĞLAYANEL

İzmir Ekonomi Üniversitesi Halkla İlişkiler Kulübü olarak öğrencilerin özgün, yenilikçi ve bağımsız bir şekilde kendilerini ifade edebildikleri; iletişimin gücünden yararlanan birleştirici ve dönüştürücü bir çatı oluşturmayı amaçlıyoruz. Sosyal meseleler etrafında bir araya geldiğimiz öğrencilere yenilikçi ve sürdürülebilir bir bakış açısı kazandırmak adına iletişim faaliyetleri hedeflemekteyiz.

Website :

Chairman : Elif Irmak SOYBAYRAKTAR

The aim of the Izmir University of Economics Social Responsibility Club is to make the social responsibility awareness necessary for the voluntary participation among universities, regardless of their interests, of university students who are aware of their social responsibilities.

Website :

Chairman : Simay ÇÖLDÜR

As the Software Developer Club, our basic philosophy is to continuously develop projects that can be developed by keeping up with technology.

Website :

Chairman : Ezgi ŞAHAN

Space and Aviation Technologies Club; There is an Engineering Student Club that aims to include students studying in the Department of Aerospace Engineering at our university, but also studying in departments such as Mechanical Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Mechatronics Engineering, Computer Engineering, Software Engineering, Civil Engineering. The activity areas will be related to all kinds of air/space vehicles and technology in the sub- atmospheric and above-atmospheric, in this context, bringing together foreign technology companies and managers, as well as domestic technology companies and managers, with our students and ensuring the transfer of knowledge. We aim to organize the "Aviation and Space Technologies Summit" event related to Defense Industry, Civil Aviation Industries and Space Technologies, which are among the sectors that come to mind when Aerospace Engineering is mentioned. All international universities and students will be able to participate in the event. We aim to bring together all Turkish Defense Technologies manufacturers supported by the Presidency of the Republic of Turkey, as well as international companies, with our students in this event. Our Space and Aviation Technologies Club will organize international events as well as local events for our students. All our members will be able to participate in international events on Aviation and Space held at other universities. We will be able to invite foreign students as guests to the events we organize at our university. In this way, our university students will be able to develop themselves more easily in line with international ethics and expand their communication networks, and our university will be successfully represented in the field of international Aviation and Space Technologies. A project called "Competition Participation Team" will be started within our club in order to participate in competitions and events such as "Teknofest" and "Tübitak Aviation Technologies Competitions", which are held in our country and attract great interest, to encourage participation and to support the participating students. Within the scope of this project, our friends who are members of our club will be able to find teammates more easily for the competitions they want to participate in and they will be able to find answers to their questions about their projects more easily. We will also implement the "The Crew" project, in which our more experienced friends in our department will be able to transfer their experience and experience to our new friends and develop themselves both socially and in terms of skills. Every new student who becomes a member of our club will have a mentor friend who is more experienced than him. Apart from the activities we will organize for our students, we will also organize educational activities every 2 months. Thanks to these trainings, our fellow students will be able to make themselves more competent in the applications and subjects that require the certificate they want, and they will be able to fill their CVs with the Certificates they will receive at the end of their training. Partnership projects will be developed for our university with local Defense Industry and Space Technologies companies, and working teams will be established especially for the Turkish Space Agency and the future of our country in Space. Support will be provided for domestic/ national satellite projects carried out by other universities, and a team will be formed in order to produce a Cube-Satellite produced entirely by the students of our university and to encourage our students in this field.

Website :

Chairman : Kağan YALÇIN

Sub Culture Club aims to gather the people who are interested in similar subculture

hobbies such as science fiction, fantasy worlds, comic books, anime, games and fantasy 

role play, have fun together.

Chairman : Taner SARUHAN

The club, which was established in 2002, is one of the most active clubs. The club aims to popularise art through theatre, and make students to have a critical and different point of view about life. In addition to many theatre acts, the club also organizes poetry nights.

Website :

Chairman : İrem TÜRK

The club aims to organize and share activities in Turkish Language and Literature by

bringing together the students who are interested in Turkish Language and Literature.

Website :

Chairman : Okan Deniz Temel

The primary purpose of the club is to get the underwater world well trained and informed divers. We provide training for every level with our expert trainers in a sincere, friendly, and active environment. University is not an academic environment only, we try to offer a social environment for our members by organizing diving trips to different locations, show films, documentaries, and arrange social gatherings. We also make presentation at the orientation week for new students at the beginning of the academic year.

Website :

Chairman : Devrim ÖZANLAĞAN

Students of İzmir University of Economics are provided with experience such as making artistic products with various materials with visual design, developing creativity features, aesthetic point of view and approach, enhancing the abilities that require mind and skill such as imagination and realization, handicapping and conducting ideas.

Website :

Chairman : Ahmet KONUK

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