After completing his elementary and secondary education in Izmir, he graduated from Istanbul University, Faculty of Pharmacy in 1955.

He’s been running a pharmacy business in Izmir for 45 years. He was a Council Member of Izmir Chamber of Commerce between 1972-2002. He was a Member of the Executive Board for 4 years; in 1973, in 1993-4, and in 1999. He was Acting President for the Council for 8 years; between 1986-1992, and between 1995-1997. He was representative for the Administrative Board of Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey for 6 years; between 1984-1987, and between 1992-1995.

He has also been an Executive Board Member of Izmir Pharmacists’ Tennis Club at different periods. He is a Member of Izmir Chamber of Commerce Education and Health Foundation. He is currently a Founder Member of the Institute for High Technology.