During the workshop, original studies which have not been previously published can be sent on the change and development of the undergraduate and graduate education of all disciplines under the umbrella of the molecular life sciences, investigations about academia and industry perspectives through scientific competencies, academic and professional knowledge, skills and attitudes. In the event, it is expected to be presented that descriptive or analytical studies on undergraduate and postgraduate education in the fields of Molecular Life Sciences.

- Participants can only send one poster paper as a "Presentation Writer". All abstacts sent will be evaluated by the Scientific Committee of the Workshop and those eligible will be presented as poster paper at the workshop.

- Abstracts will be submitted as a part of registration form in English.

- For the evaluation of the Scientific Committee of the Workshops, the authors who submit the statement must have completed the workshop registration, including the payment of the workshop registration fee.

- The content of the abstract is the responsibility of the authors. The Scientific Committee of the Workshop will not make any corrections in the abstract. Alterations will not be accepted after the deadline.

- Accepted abstracts will be published in the Turkish Journal of Biochemistry (TJB, SCI-E). Abstracts of participants who do not present a poster without an excuse will not be published.

- The e-mail about the abstract assessment result will be sent to the participant's address defined in the system by 31 August 2018 after the attendee's registration has been completed and the abstract has been sent.

Preparation of Abstract Text:

- All abstracts will be prepared in English.

- Abstract title should be compatible with the content. All letters must be written with capital letters, abbreviations should be avoided, and headers, including spaces, must not exceed 100 characters.

- Author names and surnames must be written in full. Working institutions must be clearly indicated and numbered as superscript.

- The summary texts for all papers must not exceed 250 words (2000 characters including spaces) for each language. This limitation is only includes the abstract text; the title, author name, address, and key words will be excluded.

- Abstracts should be structured and analytical studies should include the subtitles "Background", "Materials and Methods", "Results" and "Conclusions". In other types of work, appropriate subheadings should also be constructed.

- References, pictures, tables or graphics should not be included in abstracts.

- The keywords related to abstract must be at least 3, separated by a comma and indicated in under the keywords subheading.

- Descriptions of scientific support should be included at the end of the abstract and character limitation must be taken in consideration

- Ethics committee approval and accordance with the laws of our country will be sought for the investigations on human beings.

Poster Presentation Properties

Posters will be presented in a size of 90x120 cm.
The name of the person who will be presenting the poster must be indicated underlined.
The purpose, method, findings, conclusions and reference titles should be clearly stated in the poster presentations.

Oral Presentations

Some of the selected posters will have a chance to be presented during the workshop. Please indicate if you are willing to give an oral presentation in English.

Poster Awards

According to the evaluation made by the Scientific Committee of the Workshop, 3 most successful posters will be awarded.