Sport Teams

We have basketball and volleyball fields and tennis courts on our campus. Student clubs for various sports activities such as Bicycling, Mountain Climbing and Trekking, Underwater, Sailing, Table Tennis, and Motor Sports are available. There are also Water Polo, American Football, Men’s-Women’s Tennis, Basketball, and Volleyball teams available all year long with experienced trainers at the University.

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Girls' Tennis Team, which is located in the 1st League, successfully shows the university tournament teams of Turkey University Sports Federation with its experienced coach throughout the year. During the 2016-2017 season, our team won the trophy as the group winner in the university tournament.
Captain : Fulya ARSLAN

Our male tennis team in the 1st league has been training throughout the year with our experienced coach and successfully represents our school in Turkish University Sports Federation tennis tournaments.
Captain : Burak ÖZTÜRK